brings you slots of news from IATA’s 129th Schedules Conference in Singapore brings you slots of news from Singapore's IATA Schedules Conference

Flip-thru: It’s packed with newsworthy network planning-related profiles of the 50+ airport exhibitors.

The team are at the 129th IATA Schedules Conference in Singapore, where we have been asked by those nice IATA people to produce one of our popular on-site newspapers.

The first “Arrivals Edition” is already available to “flip-through” (see link above), featuring a special analysis of Changi’s impressive route developments in 2011 (over 30 new routes!!) and packed with other newsworthy network planning-related profiles of the 50+ airport exhibitors.

A “Departures Edition” will be printed in Singapore in time for breakfast on Saturday – and simultaneously made available on

If you are in Singapore now and want to get our over-worked staff to write something about your organisation, contact the Deputy Editor


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