Azul launches new routes to Joao Pessoa, Porto Alegre and Vitoria

  • Azul launched three domestic routes out of Rio de Janeiro (GIG) on 20 December, all operating with 106-seat E-190s. The recently analysed Brazilian low-cost airline now flies daily to João Pessoa (JPA) –known as the easternmost city in the Americas, competing with TAM’s 14 and GOL’s 13 flights a week, to Porto Alegre (POA) in the south of the country six times weekly in competition with GOL’s 40, TAM’s 28 and webjet’s seven weekly flights, as well as the only 415-kilometre route to Vitoria (VIX), which is operated twice-daily in competition with GOL’s 31 and TAM’s 20 flights a week. Prior to launching these routes, Azul already served all three airports from other of its bases.

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