Just a week after Malev’s demise, many airlines have already responded with new Budapest services

Ryanair Budapest Routes 2012

What a difference a week makes: A week later, on the very day of Malév’s collapse, Ryanair said it would open a base offering a total of 31 routes. Wizz Air has also announced 10 routes – others including Lufthansa, SmartWings and Aegean have also all been quick to cherry-pick ready-made routes.

Just one week on from Malév’s collapse, Budapest Airport is already seeing promising signs of recovery as airlines have been quick to respond to the opportunities presented. anna.aero has compiled a handy summary table of those services that have been announced in the last seven days. There are likely to be further additions in the coming weeks.

Country Destination (Airline, start date, weekly frequency)
Belgium Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair, 21 February, 7)
Bulgaria Sofia (Wizz Air, 3 April, 3)
Cyprus Larnaca (SmartWings, 31 May, 4), Larnaca (Wizz Air, 4 April, 2), Paphos (Ryanair, 28 March, 2)
France Paris Beauvais (Ryanair, 21 February, 7), Paris CDG (SmartWings, 26 March, 12)
Germany Berlin (airberlin, 6 February, 7), Berlin (Lufthansa, 6 February, 7), Hamburg (Lufthansa, 6 February, 7), Hamburg Lübeck (Ryanair, 18 February, 3) Karlsruhe-Baden (Ryanair, 17 February, 2), Memmingen (Ryanair, 18 February, 3)
Greece Athens (Aegean Airlines, 9 March, 4), Athens (Smartwings, 27 April, 3), Chania (Ryanair, 28 March, 2), Heraklion (Wizz Air, 16 June, 1), Rhodes (Ryanair, 27 March, 1), Rhodes (Wizz Air, 16 June, 1), Thessaloniki (Ryanair, 19 February, 2), Thessaloniki (Wizz Air, 3 April, 2), Zakynthos (Wizz Air, 16 June, 1)
Italy Milan Bergamo (Ryanair, 21 February, 10), Pisa (Ryanair, 26 March, 2), Rome Ciampino (Ryanair, 21 February, 7), Trapani (Ryanair, 12 April, 2), Venice Treviso (Ryanair, 27 March, 3)
Netherlands Eindhoven (Ryanair, April, 2)
Norway Oslo Rygge (Ryanair, 18 February, 3)
Poland Krakow (Ryanair, 18 February, 3), Warsaw (Wizz Air, 2 April, 4), Warsaw Modlin (Ryanair, 16 July, 7)
Romania Bucharest Baneasa (Wizz Air, 2 March, 4), Cluj Napoca (Wizz Air, 3 April, 3)
Spain Alicante (Ryanair, 26 March, 2), Barcelona (Ryanair, 17 February, 7), Barcelona (SmartWings, 26 April, 3), Madrid (Ryanair, 17 February, 4), Malaga (Ryanair, 26 March, 2), Malaga (Wizz Air, 2 April, 2), Palma de Mallorca (Ryanair, 28 March, 2)
Sweden Gothenburg City (Ryanair, 19 February, 2), Stockholm Skavsta (Ryanair, 17 February, 2)
United Kingdom Manchester (Ryanair, 18 February, 3)
Source: Various

As of Wednesday 8 February, Ryanair’s new base is still not 100% confirmed. Although the airline is selling seats for the 26 new services it has planned (it had announced definite plans to serve Birmingham, Bologna, Bristol, Dublin and London Stansted a week before Malév failed) it is understood that the final commercial agreement between the airline and the airport has not yet been finalised so these routes remain subject to confirmation.

Wizz Air’s 10 ‘new’ routes include five (Heraklion, Rhodes, Sofia, Thessaloniki and Warsaw) which the airline operated in the past. This means that Wizz Air will now serve 33 destinations from Budapest this summer using six based aircraft offering 2.5 million annual seats.

Other airlines have announced plans to increase capacity on existing routes to Budapest (such as Tarom to Bucharest) while other new routes starting this summer (Jet2.com to Leeds/Bradford and Blue1 to Helsinki) were announced before Malév’s demise.


  1. ZETA says:

    All those vultures dont have any clue about
    how MALEV made BUD such a successful hub.

    MALEVs strength was not O&D but more in
    transfering passengers from SE Europe to Western Europe and for a very good price!

    Something all those other airlines totally ignore.

    Better Wizzair opens direct flights from Belgrade and Skopje to Hamburg-Lubeck and Cyprus!

    Malevs Hamburg and LCA flights were actually mostly Serbs and Macedonians.O&D was negligible.

    Applies for a lot of Malevs routes…

  2. James Clark says:

    Good news that the routes are being replaced quickly, but I can’t see how they can operate all these services out of Terminal 1.

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