Hong Kong Airlines launches three new regional routes

Camera out! New airline arriving! Hong Kong Airlines was given a welcoming salute by the fire department at Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan's capital Taipei.

  • Hong Kong Airlines launched three new routes out of its Hong Kong (HKG) hub on 1 March; two to Taiwan and one to Mainland China. With 21 weekly flights, the airline moved into the intensely competitive route to the Taiwanese capital Taipei (TPE), using A330-200 aircraft. Competition comes from Cathay Pacific’s 108, China Airlines’ 78, EVA Air’s 49 and Dragonair’s also 21 weekly flights. Also competitive is Hong Kong Airlines’ other new Taiwanese route to Kaohsiung (KHH), which the airline now operates six times weekly with 737-800s. It is operated in competition with Dragonair’s 41, China Airlines’ 18 and Mandarin Airlines’ 11 flights a week. Hong Kong Airlines’ new Mainland China service is a daily 737-500 operation to Nanjing (NKG), which competes with Dragonair’s double daily operation and China Eastern’s also daily flights.


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