bmibaby launches three seasonal routes from East Midlands and Belfast City

  • Only months before the airline’s planned closure on 22 September, bmibaby commenced three seasonal routes to sun and sand destinations in Spain, Italy and Greece. On 26 May, a weekly service from Belfast City (BHD) to Ibiza (IBZ) was launched; however, only three round trips will be operated before the airline withdraws from the Northern Ireland airport on 11 June. On 27 and 28 May respectively, services were inaugurated from East Midlands (EMA) to Catania (CTA) on Sicily in Italy and to the Greek island of Corfu (CFU), each also with weekly frequencies. Both routes will be dropped in the first week of September. bmibaby faces competition only on the Greek route, which is currently offered twice-weekly by Thomson Airways as well as each weekly by Ryanair, and Thomas Cook.


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