Have you got your slot in IATA Barcelona Slots?

Barcelona Slots - IATA Slot Conference - Arrivals Edition

Click to browse. Or email us if you want to be in Saturday’s edition.

Right now, the anna.aero team are at the 130th IATA Slot Conference in Barcelona where we have again been asked to produce one of our massively popular on-site newspapers that are thrust into the hands of the 1,000+ delegates each day (200 airlines, 60 airports).

Just click on the icon on this page to browse the first “Arrivals Edition” of “Barcelona Slots”, which includes a major survey of routes required by the 50+ exhibiting airports. It also features  a special strategic analysis of Barcelona El Prat, which has already amassed 50 new routes this year and, despite recession, became Europe’s fastest-growing airport in 2011 (+18%; +10 million bracket) for which it recently won an anna.aero EURO ANNIE Growth Prize.

If you are in Barcelona now, and want to drag our chillaxing staff away from the swimming pool to write something about your airline or airport, contact anna.aero’s Deputy Editor: andreas.akerman@anna.aero.

New route? New airline? Email us! Let’s all celebrate your new routes. Contact us with photos and route details, and follow us on Instagram for our exclusive daily digest.


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