Volotea launches 11 new routes; focus on Italy

Posing in front of the Volotea 717 after the airline’s first arrival in the Sardinian capital Cagliari were Giorgio Ferrari, GM Sardinian Transport Authority; Christian Solinas, Region of Sardinia’s Transport Councillor; Carlos Muños, CEO Volotea; Alessio Grazietti, GM Cagliari Airport; Loredana Tramontano, Volotea’s International Business Development Manager; and Salvatore Carboni, GM Sogaer Security. (Photos: Sogaer)

  • The fast-emerging start-up carrier Volotea launched a further 11 new routes in the last week, using its single fleet of 125-seat 717s. Italy dominates the new routes, with 15 of the 22 route ends involving the country. Notably, three routes are scheduled to operate year-round; Cagliari (CAG) in Sardinia to Ancona (AOI) on the Italian east coast, Malaga (AGP) in southern Spain to Bordeaux (BOD) in southwestern France, and Venice (VCE) in northeast Italy to Valencia (VLC) in eastern Spain.
Date Origin Destination WF* Seasonal Competition (WF*)
23-Jun-12 Cagliari (CAG) Ancona (AOI) 2
24-Jun-12 Cagliari (CAG) Brindisi (BDS) 2 until 24 Oct
24-Jun-12 Ibiza (IBZ) Palermo (PMO) 2 until 8 Sep
22-Jun-12 Malaga (AGP) Bordeaux (BOD) 3 Air France (1)
22-Jun-12 Palermo (PMO) Olbia (OLB) 3 until 28 Sep
22-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Split (SPU) 2 until 28 Sep
22-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Valencia (VLC) 3
24-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Alghero (AHO) 3 until 30 Sep
24-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Corfu (CFU) 2 until 30 Sep
23-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Lampedusa (LMP) 3 until 30 Sep
25-Jun-12 Venice (VCE) Mykonos (JMK) 2 until 6 Sep
*WF: Weekly Frequency    Source: Volotea, Innovata for w/c 2 July 2012

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