airberlin: ‘Shape & Size’ – which routes have been cut since last summer, and which have been added?

airberlin’s passenger numbers have fallen by 6%, but not all because of dropped routes. The airline has axed almost 100 routes from its German network since last summer, but also added more than 30 new routes, including flights to Abu Dhabi, Kaliningrad, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Europe’s fifth largest single airline in 2011 with over 35 million passengers, airberlin, is the only of Europe’s major airlines to have shrunk during the busy July summer month as the airline’s ‘Shape & Size’ efficiency programme continues. The German airline, which has seen passenger numbers fall each month since October last year, transported 5.9% fewer passengers in July this year than last July, although the passenger load factor was up 1.5 percentage points to 78.3%. this week takes a closer look at which summer services from German airports have been lost, by comparing schedule data for this August with that of last August.

Around 100 routes dropped

Almost 100 routes have been dropped from 17 German airports; many low-frequency leisure routes to Greece, Italy and Spain, as well as a couple of higher-frequency domestic routes, plus some niche long-haul services to Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

German airport Destinations dropped (WF in August 2011)
Berlin Tegel (TXL) Bangkok (3), Basel (10), Chania (1), Dubai (3), Jerez (1), Klagenfurt (3), Mombasa (1)
Cologne/Bonn (CGN) Algiers (1), Casablanca (1), Hamburg (13), Nador (3), Pristina (1), Rijeka (4), Tangier (2), Tunis (2), Valencia (6)
Dresden (DRS) Gran Canaria (1), Ibiza (1), Lanzarote (1), Kos (1), Madeira (1), Thessaloniki (1)
Düsseldorf (DUS) Bangkok (4), Bilbao (4), Cagliari (2), Karpathos (1), Innsbruck (2), Klagenfurt (3), Lamezia Terme (3), Pristina (3), Skiathos (1)
Erfurt (ERF) Heraklion (1), Gran Canaria (1), Palma de Mallorca (3), Rhodes (1), Tenerife Sur (1)
Frankfurt (FRA) Hamburg (23), Lamezia Terme (2), Naples (3), Olbia (2), Sylt (4)
Hamburg (HAM) Cologne/Bonn (13), Frankfurt (23), Gran Canaria (1), Keflavik (2), Klagenfurt (3), Naples (2), Olbia (2), Pristina (1)
Hannover (HAJ) Gran Canaria (1), Kos (1), Lanzarote (1), London Gatwick (1), Malaga (3), Pristina (1), Zurich (14)
Karlsruhe-Baden (FKB) Kos (1), Lamezia Terme (1)
Leipzig (LEJ) Heraklion (1), Kos (1)
Munich (MUC) Cairo (2), Dubrovnik (1), Male (1), Mombasa (1), Mykonos (1), Puerto Plata (1), Punta Cana (1), Varadero (1), Windhoek (2)
Münster/Osnabrück (FMO) Catania (2), Heraklion (1), Lanzarote (1), Kos (1), London Stansted (9), Malaga (3), Olbia (1), Rijeka (1), Vienna (7)
Nuremberg (NUE) Agadir (1), Faro (1), Kos (1), Lanzarote (2), Madeira (1), Malaga (2), Mykonos (1)
Paderborn (PAD) Heraklion (1), Kos (1), London Stansted (7), Manchester (3), Rhodes (1), Tenerife Sur (1)
Rostock/Laage (RLG) Palma de Mallorca (2)
Stuttgart (STR) Dubrovnik (2), Lamezia Terme (2), Milan Malpensa (8), Moscow Domodedovo (4), Rijeka (2), St. Petersburg (1)
Sylt (GWT) Frankfurt (4)
Source: SRS Analyser analysis of Innovata data for August 2012 and August 2011

airberlin Turkey launched last November with focus on Antalya

Despite this, the data show that the number of flights operated by airberlin (and its Austrian-based subsidiary niki) this August is fractionally up on last year. The dropped services represent around 3.5% of last August’s weekly flights. However, more than double that number of flights have been allocated to some 90 new routes that are operating this summer that were not operated last summer, many originating in Austria and flown by niki.

German airport Destinations added with at least two weekly frequencies (WF in August 2012)
Berlin Tegel (TXL) Abu Dhabi (7), Antalya (11), Budapest (10), Gdansk (12), Kaliningrad (3), Los Angeles (3)
Cologne/Bonn (CGN) Antalya (3), Hurghada (2)
Dortmund (DTM) Antalya (2)
Dresden (DRS) Antalya (7), Hurghada (2)
Düsseldorf (DUS) Abu Dhabi (7), Antalya (13), Enfidha (2), Hurghada (3), Las Vegas (2)
Erfurt (ERF) Antalya (5)
Friedrichshafen (FDH) Antalya (2)
Hamburg (HAM) Antalya (4)
Hannover (HAJ) Antalya (6), Gran Canaria (2)
Leipzig (LEJ) Antalya (13), Hurghada (2)
Memmingen (FMM) Palma de Mallorca (3)
Munich (MUC) Antalya (7)
Munster/Osnabruck (FMO) Antalya (4)
Nuremberg (NUE) Antalya (10), Hurghada (2)
Paderborn (PAD) Antalya (5)
Stuttgart (STR) Antalya (4)
Zweibrücken (ZQW) Palma de Mallorca (4)
Source: SRS Analyser analysis of Innovata data for August 2012 and August 2011

The above table lists all of airberlin’s new routes this summer from German airports, operated with at least two weekly frequencies. The vast majority of these new services are to Antalya in Turkey, part of a marketing agreement with one of airberlin’s major shareholders, Pegasus Airlines of Turkey, which created airberlin Turkey using a dedicated fleet of aircraft. These services launched last November and have been expanded for this summer.


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