finds 200+ vacant routes at IATA Toronto Slots

IATA Toronto Slots Arrival Issue

Toronto Slots Arrivals Edition: Our survey of airports exhibiting at IATA Slots yields over 200 potential pairs for your casual reading.

The team went to Toronto last week as guests of Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), which hosted IATA’s 131st Slot Conference. There, produced two editions of our stunningly popular show dailies. Besides being thrust into the hands of the record 1,000+ audience, these made-in-Canada products are also brought to you today in electronic format.

The Arrival’s Edition comprises the Survey of IATA Slots Exhibiting Airports in which we invited each airport to list their “Top 10 Most Desired Routes”, yielding over 200 potential city pairs for your casual reading.

The Departures Edition contains 20 live, on-site interviews including the following strategic gems:

  • Tokyo Narita, now in intense competition with Tokyo Haneda, has massively deepened the value of international services by DOUBLING domestic traffic with new low-cost routes.
  • Moscow Sheremetyevo tells us that they are preparing for “imminent” liberalisation/open skies with Europe “within two years.”
  • Munich bullishly tells us that, despite all the procedural problems, the third runway is “inevitable” and construction will start in second-half 2013.

So if you think our show dailies are all about cakes and cocktail parties…well you won’t be disappointed because there’s plenty of these to browse too – along with those 200+ routes…

IATA Toronto Slots Departure Issue

Toronto Slots Departures Edition: Featuring 20 on-site interviews such as Moscow Sheremetyevo’s inside track on “imminent” open skies with Europe (so that’s why easyJet’s dash to Moscow is so important!!!)

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