Santa’s biggest sleigh: Monarch Airlines launches new route to Friedrichshafen Bodensee Airport

On 6 December, which across much of Central Europe marks celebrations of the arrival of Saint Nicholas (more commonly known as Santa Claus), travelled to Friedrichshafen Bodensee Airport in southern Germany for the launch of Monarch Airlines’ new service from  London Gatwick. While the actual flying does not start until 14 December, what a better excuse is there for a route launch than giving a lift to Santa? A day full of entertainment for both visitors from London and the local community was then jointly organised by Monarch and the airport.

Fact: Santa’s real vehicle is the Zeppelin. This spectacular cake was served during the evening reception hosted by the airport’s fire brigade and became one of the first ever to be tasted by team. Gerold Tumulka, the airport’s CEO, who cut and served the cake with Monarch Airline’s Commercial Director, Jochen Schnadt, said: “We are proud to have Monarch fly to Friedrichshafen and hope that more airlines will soon follow.”

It’s not every day that you pick Santa up from the airport: Monarch Airlines’ Commercial Director, Jochen Schnadt; and Friedrichshafen Airport’s VP Marketing & Sales, Christian Wulf, welcomed Santa’s (and his helper’s, Knecht Ruprecht) arrival to southern Germany. Schnadt told “Friedrichshafen has a great year-round appeal with easy access to the Alps. We hope to be able to extend the service beyond the winter season.”

Several dozen local kids enjoyed a joyride over the Alps on Monarch Airlines’ 757, with local radio and press present. Jochen Schnadt of Monarch commented: “Monarch is an established brand in the UK, but it is not necessarily the case in other countries we fly to. We greatly appreciate the great effort by the team setting up and marketing the route here in Friedrichshafen.”

The Lake Constance area prides itself with its Christmas markets, but it also is Germany’s favourite summer break destination. For aviation geeks, the Dornier and Zeppelin museums showcase the region’s rich innovation history.


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