Ryanair opens three bases (Chania, Fez, Marrakech) in a week

A show of belly-dancing and a tea for all passengers travelling on Ryanair’s maiden flight to Marrakech were prepared in Memmingen to entertain the passengers. While the airport’s Svenja Damzog, Marketing Manager; and CEO, Ralf Schmid, did not showcase their Moroccan moves on the floor, they then bravely posed for a commemorative picture with the dancers and crew of the inaugural flight.

Ryanair opens three bases in a week

A taste of Moroccan delights for passengers travelling on Ryanair’s inaugural flight to Fez from Lille, as the French airport prepared a special reception in the terminal.

Katowice Airport welcomed the launch of Ryanair’s new route to Greek Chania with a celebration in the check-in area. Passengers travelling on the inaugural flight were handed goodie bags and were then able to sign a commemorative poster.

  • Ryanair, the #1 airline for route launches this summer season, inaugurated three new bases last week, its first in Greece and Morocco, and now bases its aircraft at a total of 57 airports. Out of the three, Marrakech (RAK) saw the most new routes being added (7), with six and four new services being launched in Chania (CHQ) and Fez (FEZ) respectively. None of the routes presents Ryanair with any competition, nor are any served with more than twice-weekly frequencies.
Launch date Origin Destination WF*
25-Apr-13 Chania (CHQ) Billund (BLL) 2
25-Apr-13 Venice Treviso (TSF) 2
26-Apr-13 Katowice (KTW) 1
26-Apr-13 Memmingen (FMM) 2
27-Apr-13 Bristol (BRS) 2
29-Apr-13 Warsaw (WAW) 1
24-Apr-13 Fez (FEZ) Nantes (NTE) 2
24-Apr-13 St. Etienne (EBU) 2
26-Apr-13 Lille (LIL) 2
26-Apr-13 Nimes (FNI) 2
23-Apr-13 Marrakech (RAK) Cuneo (CUF) 2
24-Apr-13 Bergerac (EGC) 2
24-Apr-13 Memmingen (FMM) 2
25-Apr-13 Dole (DLE) 2
26-Apr-13 Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) 2
26-Apr-13 Paris Vatry (XCR) 2
26-Apr-13 Tours (TUF) 2
Source: Innovata w/c 6 May 2013.   *WF: Weekly Frequencies at launch.


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