Athens Airport’s new incentive scheme, Southwest Airlines arrives in Grand Rapids, and BHX pose with CotW certificate

A team of AIA marketing intellectuals attended various academic lectures, studying the nature and the effects of the new Low Fare, Load Factor, and Niche Route incentives

Leonidas Raftopoulos, Senior Developer, AIA Airline Development, features in the airport's rendition of Rembrandt's "The Anatomy Lesson" which AIA appropriately subtitled as "demonstrating the effect of AIA's incentives and marketing support."

Athens Airport Targeted Incentives Scheme offers 30-70% discounts: In addition to its significant marketing efforts the Grand Masters of Athens International Airport have introduced three important airline incentives for the November 2013-March 2014 winter season.

  • Winter Low Fares Incentive – ranging from €5-15 euros per passenger. AIA re-introduces the special winter incentive 50-65% passenger charges discount on all low fare tickets to all domestic or international routes.
  • Niche Routes Incentive – ranging from €5-15 euros per passenger. In order attract new direct services from niche markets that are currently not operated, AIA is offering the existing applicable “New International Route Incentive” plus a fixed return amount per departing passenger (from €5-10 euros) resulting to discounts up to 77% on aeronautical charges per passenger.
  • Load Factor Incentive – €10 per exceeding passenger. In an additional move encouraging airlines to increase their traffic out of Athens, AIA will offer a fixed return amount of €10 per additional passenger to those carriers exceeding threshold load factors, provided there is no decline in the total number of traffic, frequencies, and capacity on the specific route.
David Lavender (Press and Social Media Officer), Francesca Baller (PR and Events Executive), Justine Howl (Communications Manager) and Jo Lloyd (Marketing Director) from Birmingham Airport, pause for a photo with their well-earned cotw certificate.

Last week’s winners of the Cake of the Week award; David Lavender (Press and Social Media Officer), Francesca Baller (PR and Events Executive), Justine Howl (Communications Manager) and Jo Lloyd (Marketing Director) from Birmingham Airport with their well-earned prize certificate. The Taj Mahal cake was presented during the 1 August inauguration of Air India’s Amritsar and Delhi to Birmingham route.

LUV (aka Southwest Airlines) officially lands in West Michigan with services to Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GRR) on 11 August. Ron Ricks (Southwest Airlines Executive Vice President) said: “Our arrival in Grand Rapids represents one of the true benefits of our integration with AirTran Airways. We’re thrilled to provide West Michigan customers access to our broad network of destinations”. Welcoming Southwest’s first customers to Grand Rapids, there were cakes, a water cannon salute and even a quilt. However, the highlight was a partnership between Southwest and Make-A-Wish Michigan, to help make thirteen-year-old Aryka Kamor’s wish come true. Southwest and Make-A-Wish Michigan helped send Aryka and her family from Grand Rapids to Orlando to go to Walt Disney World Resort, Florida. Aryka, just six at the time, was the 51st child under 10 to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the United States. Beginning next spring, the carrier will add daily non-stop departures to Fort Myers and Tampa in Florida.


  1. Kate Sherry says:

    Athens airport has been trying (and failing) for years to sell the airport equivalent of a Ford Escort for the price of a Ferrari. They are now falsely claiming a bargain by way of a reduction to Range Rover levels, ignoring the fact that the actual price is still hopelessly out of touch with both their product and the overall market. As Arthur Daley might say it’s a “nice little earner” – if you can get away with it, which their traffic decline in recent years suggests is not the case!

    Until this airport realises that low cost airlines will be responsible for 95% of traffic growth in the future, and adjusts their tariff to a genuine reasonable cost, the traffic decline will continue as Ryanair and other airlines continue to refuse to pay over the odds when there are many other realistic route opportunities, including from other Greek airports, which are recording traffic growth.

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