SA Express grows domestically in South Africa

  • SA Express commenced operations on three new domestic routes in South Africa on 1 November. Cape Town (CPT) Saw the launch of one new service, while two routes commenced from Johannesburg (JNB). SA Express faces competition from another South African Airlines feeder airlines, the privately-owned SA Airlink, on all three routes.
Launch date Origin Destination WF A/c Competition
01-Nov-13 Cape Town (CPT) George (GRJ) 10 CRJ SA Airlink (19)
Johannesburg (JNB) Nelspruit (MQP) 11 CRJ SA Airlink (37)
Pietermaritzburg (PZB) 12 DH4 SA Airlink (12)
Source: Innovata w/c 11 November 2013

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