We got it wrong: Ryanair is NOT about to launch its #66 base at Milan Malpensa

Raynair Milan Malpensa route map.

Scanning the Ryanair website earlier today, after receiving a tip-off, your humble editor found this on the ULCC’s route map page. It looked like the carrier was going to move its existing Milan Bergamo network into Milan Malpensa – however it is just for three weeks while runway work is being undertaken at Bergamo in May.

Following our Routeflash earlier today, announcing that Ryanair was planning to open base #66 at Milan Malpensa, on receiving further information we’re happy to put our hands up and say we have got the story (“Ryanair is about to launch Milan Malpensa base”) wrong. Ryanair’s move to Malpensa actually centres on a temporary runway closure at Milan Bergamo due to take place this May. You can read the full explanation from Milan Bergamo at: www.orioaeroporto.it  We sincerely apologise to our great friends at Milan Bergamo for any embarrassment, and congratulate both Ryanair and Milan Malpensa who have probably both enjoyed this report. We fully acknowledge our mistake in this instance, but here at anna.aero we will not stop in trying to unearth the route development stories and reveal the breaking news before it breaks.


  1. Max says:

    Still it’s interesting how Ryanair connects Malpensa with Maastricht. It intends to stop the Bergamo route with the closure of its base at Maastricht at the end of the W13/14 season. So, no need to temporarily replace it with a Malpensa route for just three weeks one would say.

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