Rostock Airways finally starts operations — from Bremen

Although the Rostock Airways Bremen to Zurich route is meant to be operated by Air Alps, the first flight on 3 February was flown by sister airline Welcome Air – the cake’s colour nicely matching the aircraft’s belly. Pictured along with the aircraft crew were Zurich Airport Manager, Airline Affairs, Rolf Hancock (second right) along with Roland Ehrsam, Corporate Counsel, Rostock Airways (right).

  • Rostock Airways, has finally begun operations, not from Rostock Airport, but from Bremen (BRE) — 250 kilometres away — to Zurich (ZRH). Commencing on 3 February, the 10 times weekly city pair was previously served by OLT Express Germany. There is no competition on the route. With a sector length of 620 kilometres, utilising an Air Alps Dornier 328, which according to Rostock Airways’ website offers ‘a cruising speed of 620 km/h’, will mean an hour long flight presumably, although the block times on the flight schedule suggest 90 minutes.


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