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View the Arrivals Edition of the Routes Americas Daily

El-tastic! The Arrivals Edition. Our on-site newspapers were produced and printed in San Salvador and crisply placed into the surgeon-like hands of every delegate in time for breakfast each day. Click here to view the Arrivals Edition.

We’ve been at it again!!! produced Arrivals and Departures editions of our massively popular on-site newspapers at Routes Americas in San Salvador this week (produced under an Official Media Partnership with our nice friends at Routes).

As usual, besides the published material, we have hundreds of published and un-published photos taken during the main daily proceedings and social events. If you have any requests for images to use in your brochures, websites, e-newsletters etc, just send us an email and we’ll do everything in our power to meet your desires

This is an entirely free-of-charge service, but we do appreciate a “Photo by” acknowledgment if you use one of our images.

Send your photo requests to:

View the Departure Edition of the Routes Americas Daily

“Tampa takes top trophy” – the Florida airports did very well in the Routes Marketing Awards which we covered in detail along with every cocktail, every volcano visit, and indeed every single airport and trade exhibitor. Click here to view the departures edition.

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