“You wouldn’t have won it if I’d entered” – still time to nominate your airport for ACI EUROPE Best Airport Awards in Frankfurt

ACI EUROPE Best Airport Award winners from 2013

“I’m right behind you Heathrow”. Nigel Milton, Director of Policy, Heathrow Airport, gets an affectionate throttle from Schiphol’s CEO Jos Nijhuis as the two hubs shared +25 million ACI EUROPE Airport Award last year. Nijhuis carried around the award at the congress for the next two days: “You wouldn’t have won it if I’d entered” said Munich Airport CEO, Michael Kerkloh. Quite right Michael: You have to be in it to win it. Airports of all sizes, get your entries in.

The ACI EUROPE Annual Congress & Exhibition is hosted by the Fraport super-hub in June this year, with the theme “Compelling Connectivity for our Cities, Regions and Europe.” Connectivity of Europe’s hubs and airports to their global markets goes right to the heart of the mission of Europe’s air transport competitiveness in the face of surging competition from the MEB3’s Middle East hubs, and the daring strategy pursued by Turkish Airlines at Istanbul.

Maintaining connectivity, and giving European business the access it needs to world markets, is obviously the shared desire of the mega mainline carriers such as Lufthansa and the its key airport partners – indeed Munich Airport, which wants to build a third runway to maintain connectivity, has completely rebranded to reflect this, adopting the strapline: “Living Ideas – Connecting Lives.”

Harry Hohmeister, a Lufthansa Executive Board Member and the CEO of SWISS, will deliver the keynote address in a programme jammed-packed with airport CEOs (the ACI EUROPE Annual Congress is, after all, their biggest annual gathering).
The financial capital of Europe’s economic superpower is clearly a highly relevant setting to discuss connectivity, and indeed the organisers kindly remind us of the lessons in history in the sub-heading of the congress, which is a quote from Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor of Germany 1949-1963 and architect of the “German Economic Miracle”: “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.” How true that is, on so many levels.

SWISS CEO, Harry Hohmeister - Keynote Speaker

Harry’s theme: Lufthansa Board Member and SWISS CEO, Harry Hohmeister heads the bill at the Frankfurt ACI EUROPE Congress to discuss “connectivity” as Europe’s airports and airlines compete to stay ahead of Middle East MEB3 and surging Turkish competition. Hohmeister (the tallest of the cow-bell ringers) is pictured here much-improving his Zurich’s hub’s connectivity with a new route to Singapore last May.

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