Not coming to Kunming? Read the Arrivals magazine at your desk

Kunming arrivals mag

Katoon, is Kunming Airport’s mascot and he/she/it will be present during Routes Asia. Impress your colleagues who are in China of your conference insider knowledge by asking them to get a picture with he/she/it.

If you’re not on board a flight to Kunming in Yunnan, China today or tomorrow, it probably means you’re stuck back in the office planning whether to steal the stapler or scissors from your colleague’s desks while they’re attending the 13th Routes Asia. However, so you don’t miss any of the action, read our Arrivals magazine here before it’s even printed in China. This will mean that when they call you back in the office, you can say that you know all about Chengdu Airport giving away cuddly pandas and that Amsterdam Airport is increasing everyone’s waistlines by handing out its delicious stroopwafels. It’s almost like you are there. Almost.

View the Routes Asia Kunming – arrivals issue

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