What women want: to win the Budapest Runway Run!

Wizzzy woman! Budapest Runway Run 2014: Monika Nowak, Krakow Airport, competed for the anna.aero-Budapest Airport Golden Cake Trophy ‘Fastest Aviation Female Runner’. Nowak also helped take her airport to victory as ‘The Fastest Airport in the World’.

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anna.aero and Budapest Airport want even more women to take part in the Budapest Runway Run, the air transport industry’s annual charity race which takes place on the airport’s Runway 13R-31L on 5 September.

On this day Budapest Airport will close one of its two runways for four hours so runners from across the aviation community can once again compete in a 10km and 5km race for a series of key team “Golden Cake” prizes including “The Fastest Airline in the World” and for a whole range of individual trophies – each crucially paralleled with both “Male” and “Female” winning categories.

“Last year there were 609 runners drawn from airlines, airports and other worldwide aviation enterprises – and I am proud to say that 45% of the field were women runners” says Kerry Parks, Budapest Airport’s International PR Manager (and also tenth-placed woman runner in last year’s 12km race). “This year we’re targeting 1,000 aviation runners – and we are particularly determined to have a winner for the Fastest Female Airline CEO prize.”

Aino Bolliger, SWISS, and Yulia Plyusnina, ACI EUROPE, have already confirmed they’ll be bringing bigger teams to Budapest Runway Run 3.0 to fight for the Golden Cake Trophies and the coveted title of ‘Fastest Aviation Female Runner’ – 45% of last year’s 609 participants were women runners.

Parks’ determination to get a woman airline CEO comes up against the startling statistic that Europe’s airlines have barely a handful of women leaders. In fact, with recent departures, even this tiny field is significantly less than a year ago. “In contrast, on the ground, the pool of female airport CEOs is significantly larger, and we are looking forward to announcing our first senior airport executive women runners in a matter of days. Meanwhile we are continuing our personal entreaties to women airline business leaders – you know who you are – you know what you have to do!”

All Budapest Runway Run entry fees – just €30 before July 2015 and €50 thereafter – are entirely donated to international child cancer causes and a Hungarian charity assisting the inclusiveness of handicapped people in sports. Besides nine air transport industry trophies every finisher receives “The Bron’s Medal” named for Brontë “Bron” Hogan, the anna.aero publisher’s 12-year-old daughter, who passed away in 2011 after a five-year battle with leukaemia.

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The anna.aero-Budapest Airport “Golden Cake Trophies” are awarded for:

  • Fastest male/female;
  • Fastest Airline Team: “The Fastest Airline in the World”;
  • Fastest Airline CEO: male/female;
  • Fastest Airport CEO: male/female;
  • Fastest Airport Team: “The Fastest Airport in the World”;
  • Media: “Fastest Aviation Media Team”;
  • Concessionaires: “Fastest Airport Concessionaire Team”;
  • Enterprises: “Fastest Aviation Enterprises Team”;
  • Military: “Fastest Military Aviator Prize”;
  • Finisher’s Medal: The Bron’s Medal (plus souvenir technical shirt, and gift bag for every entrant).

Jost Lammers, CEO, Budapest Airport inspires Inga Jankauskaite, Lithuanian Airports, to cross the finish line. Kerry Parks, Budapest Airport’s International PR Manager, is elated to finish as the 10th fastest female and proud to have earned her unique “Bron’s Medal”.

‘Doing it for the girls’ – run or fly down Budapest Airport Runway 13R-31L on Saturday 5 September. Budapest Airport’s Nikolett Huszák and relay team mate Eszter Bartal cross the line, just as Wizz Air’s Anna Kozakowsk glides in for a photo-finish.

Youngest female: One year-old Queenie B. Hogan, daughter of the anna.aero publisher, was also the 9th fastest female finisher in the Budapest Runway Run 2014. “Queenie had to stop mid-runway for crisps and a drink last year – but we’ve worked hard on her nutrition strategy, there won’t be any such disappointment again” said her competitive dad, and father-manager, when anna.aero reached out for comment.

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