Emirates enters 19-strong team to win “Fastest Airline in the World” in Airbus-sponsored anna.aero-Budapest Airport Runway Run

Emirates run team

“I will take the Emirates team to the top three,” says Team Captain, Attila Bors, Emirates Contact Centre Operations Officer (he’s number 7 hiding at the back in the photo).

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Emirates has announced a powerful team entry for this year’s Airbus-sponsored anna.aero-Budapest Airport Runway Run – the race taking place on Runway 13R-31L at Budapest Airport on Saturday 5 September in aid of child cancer charities and other good causes.

The MEB3 airline is making a serious pitch at winning the prize for “The Fastest Airline In The World” by lining up against other teams and individual entries from some 85 airlines, airports and other aviation enterprises, which have already signed up to run the two race lengths of either 5km (two runway lengths) or 10km (four runway lengths).

As most airlines and airports already have major charity commitments, there’s no need for participants to raise big cash sponsorship targets – competitors just have to pay an entrance fee, only €50 per runner, with 100% of this sum donated to the benefiting charities.

What they said: Team Emirates talk training and tactics:

  1. Elisa Valcanover – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I`m a casual runner, I usually run 5km three times a week. My hopes for the competition…to complete the 10km. After a week’s holiday I need to work-out hard, the competition is coming soon.”
  2. Borbala Gerhes – Customer Sales and Service Agent
  3. Rita Hejja – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I usually run 5.2km, the full circuit of Margaret Island, twice a week. I hope I will finish the 5km within 40 minutes, and that the team performance will be outstanding. Runway Run is going to be my first official competition, so I`m very excited about it.”
  4. Agnes Lehocz – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I`m a casual runner, I usually run 10km twice a week. I have heard some of our team are professional runners so I am expecting a good competition, and lot of fun. Training is going well, the weather is really hot this summer so I just have to find a comfortable time of day, mostly early mornings or evening.”
  5. Patrcia Toth – Contact Centre Team Leader
    “I`m a casual runner, I recently I have been running 10km at least once a week. I would like to make this distance in 56 minutes. I hear my fellow team mates practice weekly as well, I cannot wait to run with them.”
  6. Zsolt Nemeth – Senior Group Sales Support Assistant
    “I`m a casual runner, I usually run 2km every second day and 5km once a week. I hope to run the 5km within 25 minutes.”
  7. Team Captain: Attila Bors – Contact Centre Operations Officer
    “I usually run 5km once a week and hope to deliver a good individual performance to help the fresh EK team to be in the top three. The training is going well but I will speed up this week.”
  8. Szandra Szoboszlai – Receptionist
    “I`m a casual runner, I usually run 6-7km weekly. I’d like to finish in 30 minutes and I have high hopes to be the fastest airline. I`m training outside on a 700m runway and mainly concentrate on the speed despite the distance.”
  9. Leila Ayman – Senior Secretary
  10. Tamas Busa – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I have taken part in some half marathons, and I’ve entered the Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon, I’m also thinking about taking part in the Spar Marathon. I usually run twice a week and I like to discover new routes, so I try to change or combine my running routes each time. I hope we will win the best airline award at the competition.”
  11. Zsolt Sipos – Senior Sales Support Agent
    “I`m a casual runner, I usually run twice a week, between 5-10km. I also hope to see the Emirates Team in the first three. Myself, I’d like to run my 5km distance within 25 minutes. I’m going to run the Budapest Half Marathon in mid-September so I feel well-prepared for the Runway Run.”
  12. Aniko Poesz – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I was previously a marathon runner but due to a paragliding accident I had to become a hobby runner. I normally run 5-8km, only sometimes 10km. I hope to spend a great day with sport at the airport. I love airports and aircrafts, so running is a plus. Training is going fine, I am enjoying it as always, and we have a great team. “
  13. Emese Gal – Sales Executive
    “I`m not an active runner, however this special event raised my interest, so I have entered the 5km distance. I practice once a week and look forward to the race.”
  14. Gabor Nagyvaradi – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I usually run one Margaret Island circuit, it’s around 5.5km, but in the summer heat I prefer to train in the fitness room three times a week. I did run years ago and training is going very well.”
  15. Svigruha Eszter – Customer Sales and Service Agent
    “I generally run 5-12km. I am a casual runner though, and due to this hot weather in the past few weeks, I’ve been unable to go running. I’ve already participated in some running competitions this year, hopefully next week I can continue the training, but I am confident with the distance of the runway run.”
  16. Anna Hegedus – Customer Sales & Service Agent
  17. Kristof Halmos – Airport Services Agent
  18. Gabriella Petry – Senior Ticket Desk Agent
  19. Peter Batta – Customer Sales & Service Agent

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