Airport Runway Run: Title sponsor Airbus enters big team; EVP Chris Buckley joins line-up

Continuing its support as main title sponsor of this year’s Airport Runway Run, Airbus is sending a vibrant team of 13 runners to run on Budapest Airport’s runway 13R-31L Saturday 5 September. Motivated by Team Captain Sinead Cormican, Airbus’ Head of Sales Contracts Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific, the team comprises marathon runners, triathletes, casual runners, and even a couple of newcomers to the sport. “I’ve been motivating and encouraging all the Airbus team to participate in this prominent event. I’m not a runner myself, but sport is important to me, and this charity event represents an amazing opportunity for us all,” said Cormican.

Airbus team

Airbus’ angels: Elisabeth Cerdan, Sales Operations; Team Captain Sinead Cormican, Head of Sales Contracts Europe, Africa & Asia Pacific; and Stéphanie Demars, Customer Relations & Events Manager, represent a motivated and vibrant team as main title sponsors of this year’s Airport Runway Run.

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What they said: Team Airbus talks training and tactics:

Airbus run team

  • Chris Buckley, EVP Sales, Airbus: “I am a keen casual runner who nevertheless ran a couple of marathons a very long time ago, when I was much younger than I am today. ‎I am hoping that my marathon form will magically reappear on the Budapest runway, but I am not very optimistic. However, given the very high quality of the Airbus team, and the effortless antelope-style speed of my fellow runners like Stéphanie and Sinead, I have absolutely no doubt that Airbus will be the fastest on the runway.”
  • Benoit de Saint Exupery, Contracts team, Airbus: “The frequency of my runs depends on my weight… if I put on some weight I start running again, if I lose some I stop running! Right now, I am back on the road! My best achievement was running the 2011 Miami Half Marathon in 1h 42m.”
  • Elisabeth Cerdan, Sales team, Airbus: “The BUD race will be my first competitive run. I am pleased to get the opportunity to experience a new challenge by being part of the Airbus team. Training has given me hard time, but I will be proud to prove to myself that I can do it!”
  • Dionisio Olalla-Lopez, Sales team, Airbus: “In general I try to run twice a week (about 25km in total) to train for triathlons. This is combined with two or three swims, as well as a weekend cycling tour of 80km. So I am sporty, but not particularly focused on the running discipline. However, during the triathlons, it is ironically the running stage where I perform best. Unfortunately I got injured on 4 July on a marathon mountain race. I twisted my ankle and I have not done any runs since. But I have to run anyway… I have a triathlon competition at the end of September.”
  • Catherine Bras, Sales team, Airbus: “A long ago I tried running and I hated it. Then, about 10 years ago, I started running with a neighbour; it was a New Year’s resolution that I made for medical reasons. She would bring me along on the Sunday mornings to a small village running club. I met other runners from different backgrounds and at different levels; I started enjoying it as much as a social gathering as for the sport itself. Then came the challenge of participating together in local running events. I was amazed I could run even 20km. After that I went to a few other events, which I selected for the place, the scenery and the challenge – even a marathon, once in a lifetime! I consider myself a very casual runner. I only run when I feel like it, sharing it with friends who run casually too. From time to time a 10km run is alright!”
  • Stéphanie Demars, Events team, Airbus: “I run from time-to-time because it is always the easiest way to do some sport anywhere. The most important thing for the BUD Run is to be part of the Airbus team and to participate with some of my colleagues in a special charity event. I am really motivated to be on the podium with all the team!”

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  • Stefan Konkoly, Sales team, Airbus: “The runner wearing the number 226 on this photo will participate under the name of Stefan, however some performance degradation will apply for the Airport Runway Run due to a change in aerodynamic profile and MTOW.”
  • Amaya Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Sales team, Airbus: “Even though I have always been quite sporty, I was not a runner until five years ago. Then, I started travelling a lot for work and had to give up most of my usual sports. I soon realised that running was almost the only sport I could keep up during my travel schedule and started taking my running shoes around the world with me. I not only enjoy it, but also realise that some of the best ideas actually come while running! I am not very fast but I have a good endurance, even though lately my left knee has been imposing some limits. I am very much looking forward to the Budapest run for many reasons, but the most important one is to feel the atmosphere of such an event. I will do my maximum to bring the Airbus team to success, while having a lot of fun and have. I started training during the summer holidays – I’m just wondering how it will feel running on an airport runway instead of my usual course!”
  • Nikolaus Von-Carlowitz, Sales Team, Airbus: “Currently I am not a regular runner, but I would like to get back to it. A physical challenge is always easier to overcome in a team, therefore the Budapest Airport Runway Run is a good opportunity. Also, I am looking forward to getting to know other people ‎from our industry.”
  • Sinead Cormican, Contracts team, Airbus: “I have motivated and encouraged all the Airbus team to participate in this famous event. I am not a runner, but sport is important in my life. I am Airbus’ lead runner for this amazing event.”
  • Andreas Hermann, Sales team, Airbus: “I am an occasional runner and have only participated in one race in my life, but it sounded exciting to actually run on a runway and also to contribute to a charity event. As an Airbus employee I am, of course, proud to participate, and thrilled to run on the pavement that normally only our aircraft run on.”

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