Liverpool loves its latest award – the Arch of Triumph certificate

Flybes services to Amsterdam

Celebrating the recent win for its FTWA for the launch of Flybe’s services to Amsterdam were Liverpool Airport’s: (top row) Firefighter Rob Williams; Firefighter Mark Ward; Crew Manager Kevin O’Dea; (inside the cab) Firefighter Earl Vickers; Firefighter Neil Tucker; (bottom row) Watch Manager Emma Sandys; Crew Manager Colin Wainwright; Fire Service Manager Neil Gyllenship; Director of Air Service Development Mark Povall; and Crew Manager Rob Ramsey.

This week, Canadian carrier Porter Airlines has joined Wizz Air so far in 2015 in having two winning Arch of Triumphs to its name. With an average score of 33 from its two wins, the European ULCC is however trailing Porter, which has notched up a season winning average score of 33.7. While in 2013 only JetBlue Airways achieved this accolade of being a double-winning airline, in 2014 not only did Turkish Airlines and Flybe manage to do the same, but Qatar Airways (with the help of its cargo division) went one better with three wins, along with an impressive average score of 35.2 – which included third and fourth positions overall in last year’s competition. For this week’s winner, Pittsburgh Airport, it’s a case of third time lucky, having tried and failed to win earlier this year in June and August. The North American victory also means that the inter-regional battle stays wide-open, with Europe on 11 wins, Asia with nine and North America on seven. Keep Monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
10 Jul flydubai Dubai to Faisalabad Faisalabad (LYP) 37.1
5 Jun Wizz Air Košice to Milan/Bergamo Košice (KSC) 36.8
15 Jun Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong Hong Kong (HKG) 36.7
19 May Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Portland Portland (PDX) 36.7
16 Jun Vistara Delhi to Bengaluru Bengaluru (BLR) 36.3
30 Jun SunExpress Izmir to Brussels Brussels (BRU) 35.7
21 Sep Porter Airlines Toronto City to Pittsburgh Pittsburgh (PIT) 35.5
7 May American Airlines New York JFK to Birmingham Birmingham (BHX) 35.3
10 Sep SAS Stockholm Arlanda to Hong Kong Hong Kong (HKG) 35.1
16 Jul AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Kaohsiung Kaohsiung (KHH) 35.0

Porter Airlines Toronto City to Pittsburgh 21 September

Porter Airlines Toronto City Pittsburgh 21 September

A winning ‘Three Rivers’ FTWA from Pittsburgh…

Judge’s Comments: For those of you that know the city of Pittsburgh well, you will also know that the city owes its existence to its three rivers…the Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio. It should be of no surprise then that this week’s champion airport has delivered a special ‘Three Rivers’ FTWA (with rainbow motif) as a tribute to the lifeblood trio of torrents that flow through Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas…

Jonny: 9.2; Marc: 8.5; Paul: 9.3; Ralph: 8.5.

Bhutan Airlines Paro to Delhi 15 September

Bhutan Airlines Paro Delhi 15 September

New routes from Bhutan don’t happen all that often…

Judge’s Comments: To the untrained eye, this just looks like a pretty good FTWA from Delhi Airport’s firefighters. To the skilled, expert eyes of the judges, this is an FTWA of majesty and mystery as befits an inaugural service from Bhutan. What the Indian crew has tried to do here is capture the breath-taking beauty of the mountains surrounding the Taktsang Palphug Monastery ‒ or Tiger’s Nest (see inset) in Paro. All-in-all they have done a good job…and narrowly missed out on this week’s win in the process…

Jonny: 8.2; Marc: 8.5; Paul: 8.0; Ralph: 9.2.

PenAir Portland to Crescent City 15 September

PenAir Portland Crescent City 15 September

PenAir’s First Officer’s personal hygiene called into question…

Judge’s Comments: “Portland Tower this is PenAir 123, clear of taxiway bravo…arrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh…I’m soaked…” Let me tell you, you do not want to hear the rest of that conversation between the Saab 340 co-pilot and the air traffic controller…it would make a Hell’s Angel blush…but at least his right ear was clear of wax…

Jonny: 4.4; Marc: 4.2; Paul: 5.0; Ralph: 3.1.

PenAir Portland to Crescent City 15 September

PenAir Portland Crescent City 15 September

Is every single person working at the airport out on the Crescent City apron…?

Judge’s Comments: After the earwash which was dealt out by the firefighters at Portland, clearly the flight crew on the PenAir Saab radioed ahead to Crescent City and asked for an FTWA well over the aircraft fuselage. At that angle, several satellites were nearly knocked out of orbit however…

Jonny: 4.5; Marc: 4.7; Paul: 5.1; Ralph: 4.4.

 Ryanair London Stansted to Castellon 15 September

Ryanair London Stansted Castellon 15 September

Five years to get ready for your first commercial flight…and you deliver a big boy, little boy…

Judge’s Comments: Five years of waiting comes to end at Castellon, as the airport welcomes its first commercial services from the UK with Ryanair. That’s five years of making sure the baggage belts work, the airport signage is clear…but obviously not five years of practising FTWAs…as evidenced by this classic big boy, little boy…let’s hope it’s not five more years until they have a chance to rectify that…

Jonny: 7.1; Marc: 6.8; Paul: 6.6; Ralph: 6.8.

Air Arabia Sharjah to Faisalabad 18 September

Air Arabia Sharjah Faisalabad 18 September

Almost as dramatic as its table-topping effort from July…

Judge’s Comments: Having blasted onto the world FTWA scene with a table-topping effort for the launch of flydubai’s services in mid-July, Faisalabad has since then struggled to reclaim those former glory days. Its second entry into the Arch of Triumph later that month saw it offer a score of just 14.1 – the lowest score of that week. While this week’s 30.9 would certainly have won in a quiet, average week ‒ no chance this week, with several other airports posting higher scores…

Jonny: 8.1; Marc: 7.7; Paul: 8.5; Ralph: 6.6.

Hainan Airlines Beijing to Prague 23 September

Hainan Airlines Beijing Prague 23 September

Last minute aircraft change causes confusion in Prague…

Judge’s Comments: It happens so often on route launches, particularly if a senior airline representative is on the inaugural flight – the last minute launch aircraft change. In this instance the inaugural service was operated by an A330-300 but normally the service will be operated by Hainan’s 767s…which is of course the aircraft type that the airport’s fire service had been practising for…and as the 12-metre difference in wingspan between the two aircraft types is pretty significant… hence there is a gap in the FTWA…

Jonny: 7.9; Marc: 8.1; Paul: 9.0; Ralph: 7.5.

Lufthansa Frankfurt to Tampa 24 September

Lufthansa Frankfurt Tampa 24 September

Yeah I was on the first to Tam…hold on…are we on fire…quick film it so I can put it on my timeline…

Judge’s Comments: In the age of social media being believed more than actual facts, how long will it be before someone posts an innocent FTWA – like this one in Tampa ‒ to Twitter or YouTube saying “Oh my god…we nearly died…our plane was on fire after we landed…” and this being picked up by the media. We sincerely hope it never happens…but there is a sense of inevitability with that one…

Jonny: 3.1; Marc: 5.2; Paul: 7.9; Ralph: 4.5.

Juneyao Airlines Shanghai Pudong to Nagoya 25 September

Juneyao Airlines Shanghai Pudong Nagoya 25 September

Some serious FTWA practising in Japan…

Judge’s Comments: Boy, the firefighters at Nagoya really put in the overtime to create this FTWA for the arrival of Juneyao Airlines flight from Shanghai this week. I mean the whole apron is damp from the water they used and their perspiration…sorry, what…maybe it was raining…nah…

Jonny: 8.4; Marc: 8.3; Paul: 8.5; Ralph: 8.4.

Chalair Lyon to Luxembourg 28 September

Chalair Lyon Luxembourg 28 September

The smallest FTWA in the world ever…?

Judge’s Comments: Having consulted the judges we think that the Chalair 19-seat Beech 1900 is the smallest aircraft that has received an FTWA so far. We did have this one with a 19-seat Jetstream 31 last year, but as you can see, they only used water pistols on that one, in fear of braking the elastic bands that power the aircraft’s engines…so well done to Luxembourg…

Jonny: 6.6; Marc: 7.1; Paul: 6.0; Ralph: 8.7.


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