Find out which airport wins this week’s Arch of Triumph as 2015 competition enters season finale period

With 34 weeks of judged competition complete (there were four weeks of publically-judged FTWAs too), the average winning score of those 34 winners is now 32.5, considerably higher than the 2014 average winning score of 30.0 and the 2013 result of 28.5. In the final weeks of the 2014 competition, airports needed to score over 35.3 to make it into the top ten (in 2013 it was just 26.3) – the same score they require to oust Birmingham Airport from 10th spot in this year’s competition (the UK airport is also top of the leader board too). Of course in terms of pole position, one breath-taking FTWA can still mount the 2015 competition summit, with a score of 38 or more (an average of 9.5 per judge). With 16 wins and about five weeks of competition left, Europe has an unassailable lead in the inter-regional battle, even despite Asia’s win this week (10 wins in total). However, its position in second could still be overcome in the final weeks of the 2015 competition if North America (with seven wins) scoops four out of five of those remaining weeks, and Asia wins no more. Keep Monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
5 Oct VLM Airlines Antwerp to Birmingham Birmingham (BHX) 37.9
17 Oct Indonesia AirAsia X Denpasar to Sydney Sydney (SYD) 37.6
10 Jul flydubai Dubai to Faisalabad Faisalabad (LYP) 37.1
5 Jun Wizz Air Košice to Milan/Bergamo Košice (KSC) 36.8
15 Jun Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi to Hong Kong Hong Kong (HKG) 36.7
19 May Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Portland Portland (PDX) 36.7
16 Jun Vistara Delhi to Bengaluru Bengaluru (BLR) 36.3
30 Jun SunExpress Izmir to Brussels Brussels (BRU) 35.7
21 Sep Porter Airlines Toronto City to Pittsburgh Pittsburgh (PIT) 35.5
7 May American Airlines New York JFK to Birmingham Birmingham (BHX) 35.3

Shandong Airlines Kunming to Delhi 11 November

shandong airlines kunming to delhi 11 november

It’s good enough to win this week…but the 2015 competition report card says ‘could do better’…

Judge’s Comments: While this FTWA has done enough to secure this week’s title, its winning score has seen it position itself in the lower quarter of all triumphant airports in this year’s competition – coming in 26th out of 34 airports – and well below the average victorious result of 32.5. Standards must be higher if the nine airports (Birmingham is present twice) in the top 10 are to be troubled by any late entrants…

Jonny: 6.5; Marc: 7.5; Paul: 7.4; Ralph: 8.5.

Norwegian Copenhagen to Las Vegas 10 November

norwegian copenhagen to las vegas 10 november

Vegas’ firefighters go all-in with this FTWA…

Judge’s Comments: With just a handful of competition weeks left and the stakes high, the firefighters at Las Vegas clearly wanted to win big and play with the high-rollers on the Arch of Triumph leader board. However, looking at this FTWA it appears that the house has definitely won again…

Jonny: 7.3; Marc: 6.3; Paul: 7.5; Ralph: 4.1.

Pegasus Airlines Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen to Ordu-Giresun 13 November

pegasus airlines istanbul sabiha gokcen to ordu giresun 13 november

Despite being a new domestic service Ordu-Giresun brings out the fire trucks to celebrate…nothing artificial about that…

Judge’s Comments: Did you know that Ordu-Giresun Airport in Turkey is one of just three airports in the world that have been built on artificial islands (comment below if you know the other two)? While that is an amazing fact that you can have for free…this FTWA is far from amazing…it’s just average. At least it wasn’t artificial…

Jonny: 7.0; Marc: 6.9; Paul: 6.5; Ralph: 7.3.

SpiceJet Kozhikode to Dubai 15 November

spicejet kozhikode to dubai 15 november

The judges were craning to get a good view of this FTWA…

Judge’s Comments: For those of you that have not been, Dubai is a forest of skyscrapers and cranes that build these very tall buildings…look you can see three in the background. This FTWA is named the Burj Khalifa, after the world’s tallest building (828m high)…which just happens to be in Dubai. While height on an FTWA is important…the resulting arch can become too angular…which is frowned upon by the judges. Our collective brows are certainly furrowed here…

Jonny: 5.9; Marc: 6.6; Paul: 7.3; Ralph: 6.6.

Azul Airlines Belo Horizonte to Orlando 16 November

azul airlines belo horizonte to orlando 16 november

I’ll wash the front…while you wash the back…

Judge’s Comments: This FTWA is confused. It looks like two separate halves not quite joined together…it looks like one fire truck is trying to do a solo half arch over the front of the (air)plane while the other fire truck is trying to do a solo half arch over the back of the (air)plane. The result = one clean (air)plane…

Jonny: 5.0; Marc: 5.0; Paul: 6.5; Ralph: 3.4.

bmi regional Munich to Brno 16 November

bmi regional munich to brno 16 november

Has the fire truck on the right sprung a leak…?

Judge’s Comments: If FTWA scoring was to be likened to shooting or archery you might say the scores achieved in Brno for the bmi regional launch from Munich represent a good grouping, with only 0.3 points covering the range of results. If they all started with a nine…then it would have been a leader board-topping grouping…rather than fourth out of six…

Jonny: 6.9; Marc: 6.8; Paul: 6.8; Ralph: 6.6.


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