2016 tour continues: Routes Asia in Manila Routes Asia Daily - Arrivals Edition

Missing the Thrilla in Manila? Read our electronic Arrivals Edition of the on-site printed Show Dailies at the 14th Routes Asia Manila Conference hosted by Philippines Department of Tourism. There are 28 pages to enjoy, including an interview with your scuba-diving host, some of our trademark analysis, as well as plenty of pre-show news. Routes Asia Daily - Departures Edition

Whakanui means ‘celebrate’ in Maori (if you want to try it for yourselves, the correct pronunciation is “fucca-nui”)…and that is certainly what Auckland Airport will have been doing on Monday night in Manila, following its victory in the Routes Asia Marketing Awards. Find out all of the award winners in’s Departures Edition of its Show Daily magazine, which also includes all of the show news, and coverage of the tours and Strategy Summit too.

You may have noticed this is a very condensed version of your regular weekly newsletter. That’s because our global road trip (even though we flew there) has rumbled into Manila, so we can produce the on-site printed Show Dailies at the 14th Routes Asia Conference, hosted by the Philippines Department of Tourism. Even our Chief Analyst Ralph Anker has been out of the office this week on a trip to Paris! So while the rest of the team has been out and about lapping up culture in the French capital or in the Philippines enjoying some winter warmth and going on the Intramuros Tour…our Editor, Marc Watkins, has been manning the fort in the freezing UK keeping all the latest new route news up-to-date on the website and producing this week’s newsletter all by himself. Fortunately he’s off to Florida for the Sixel Conference in a few weeks to top up his tan from Routes Americas in Puerto Rico.

Read the Arrivals Edition

Read the Departures Edition


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