Akron-Canton Airport celebrates its Fire Truck Water Arch victory

Akron-Canton Airport

Akron-Canton Airport’s Dream Team. With the super-sized certificate for last week’s Arch of Triumph win are: Barry Irwin, Operations Supervisor; Jonathan Greene, Field Maintenance and Firefighter; Bill Clause, Field Maintenance and Firefighter; and Jeff Rosette, Field Maintenance and Firefighter.

With back-to-back wins, North America has drastically improved its win to entry ratio over the last two weeks, doubling it from 0.028 to 0.056. It also means that the region now claims 10% of all winning airports so far in 2016. While Europe has an unassailable lead on this metric, commanding 57% of all victories in this year’s Arch of Triumph competition, its wins per entry ratio is only third-best at 0.14. Australasia, with a hit rate of 0.222, or a winner from less than every five entries, is #1. This goes to prove that a rifle shot is better than a machine gun – at least in FTWA terms. In runners-up position on this measure is Asia, with an impressive 0.176 score. The region has also delivered 14% of weekly winners, the second best result behind Europe. With around four or five weeks of competition left there is still time to improves these scores. Keep Monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
25-May United Airlines Washington Dulles to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 39.0
01-Feb Jetstar Airways Nelson to Wellington Wellington (WLG) 37.3
08-Jan Hong Kong Airlines Hong Kong to Gold Coast Gold Coast (OOL) 37.2
23-Jun American Airlines Los Angeles to Auckland Auckland (AKL) 37.1
02-Feb AirAsia X Kuala Lumpur to Delhi Delhi (DEL) 37.0
11-Mar Wizz Air Budapest to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) 36.9
01-Aug Atlasglobal Istanbul Atatürk to Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 36.9
03-Aug Emirates Dubai to Hanoi Hanoi (HAN) 36.8
14-Apr bmi regional Munich to Southampton Munich (MUC) 36.8
10-Oct Qatar Airways Doha to Helsinki Helsinki (HEL) 36.4

Elite Airways Portland to Sarasota 17 November

Akron-Canton Airport celebrates its Fire Truck Water Arch victory

Is the apron staff signalling to the right tender to start its rainbow-coloured water jet…?

Judge’s Comments: Is there a leprechaun with a little watering can (magic one of course) pouring rainbow-coloured water from the left-hand side of this FTWA, but his mate Ken has failed to show for the event in Sarasota? This has got to be the most complete rainbow we have ever witnessed in the Arch of Triumph competition, coming as it does as we near the end of year four of this airport marketing challenge. Its inclusion means that your attention is drawn to the rainbow…and not the FTWA…which is almost perfect…

Jonny: 9.0; Marc: 9.4; Paul: 8.3; Ralph: 9.1.

PAWA Dominicana Santo Domingo to Miami 16 November


Oh look…its two more of those invisible water-breathing dragons found in Miami…

Judge’s Comments: We love to see the fire tenders when we receive an FTWA…we feel they are just as much a part of the arch as the water jets and indeed the aircraft. With this critical element missing, scores are already going to be limited, as one-third of the perfect arch is absent. One of the wags in the office did think that the aircraft had been specially painted with the letters PAWA which they thought signified FTWA in Spanish…sigh…

Jonny: 4.5; Marc: 5.7; Paul: 6.0; Ralph: 4.1.

Allegiant Air New Orleans to Concord 18 November

Do people know the definition of arch?

Do people know the definition of arch? Get a dictionary guys…

Judge’s Comments: Small regional airports never have much to shout about…or else they wouldn’t be small regional airports…they’d be big ones. Therefore you would think that getting a new route would mean that you would go the extra yard to make sure everything is perfect. Instead we have a ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ FTWA…yep, this bridge (of water) is just calling for General Lee to leap over the cavernous gap to escape the clutches of Rosco P. Coltrane…yeeeeeeeeeehah!!

Jonny: 5.5; Marc: 4.8; Paul: 5.9; Ralph: 3.3.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Jeddah to Ankara 18 November


There seems to be a lack of power in terms of the water jets here in Ankara…

Judge’s Comments: Crank-up the power guys…this could have been a near-perfect FTWA, instead it’s just average. The water jets are meeting directly above the aircraft’s fuselage, however, they are meeting as the water is falling…rather than at the apex of the arch. The guy on the right, maybe the CFO, will no doubt be conveying that to the rest of the crew…with some choice Turkish phrases added for further clarity…

Jonny: 6.1; Marc: 6.8; Paul: 8.2; Ralph: 7.2.

AirAsia Kuala Lumpur to Luang Prabang 21 November


Could this possibly be the best double arch we have ever seen…?

Judge’s Comments: You wait ages for an FTWA from Laos, and then in the space of a handful weeks we have two. The first came in the first round of the Public Votes at the start of the W16/17 season…and the second is above…and boy was this worth waiting for! A few airports have tried a double arch and most failed miserably. This has to be the best of that rare breed we have ever witnessed…

Jonny: 7.5; Marc: 9.8; Paul: 8.7; Ralph: 8.4.

Nesma Airlines Jeddah to Riyadh 21 November


Ok, we know this isn’t the best image…but it’s the best we have…

Judge’s Comments: Out of the 330+ FTWAs we have received so far this year, this is only the 10th one we have had from the Middle East region, so we wanted to make sure this one made it through to the competition. So see past the blurred image and reflect purely on the majesty of the FTWA itself and you will see…errrrrr…ummm…maybe it would have been better if this picture was even more blurred…

Jonny: 4.1; Marc: 6.1; Paul: 5.8; Ralph: 5.1.


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