Skyscanner reveals airports with biggest Christmas footfall surge

Skyscanner reveals airports with biggest Christmas footfall surge

Festive traditionalism seems to be massively out of fashion with airports in Sydney, Bangkok and Moscow expecting the biggest traffic spikes this Christmas according to a Skyscanner study of worldwide 10 airports.

Sydney Airport is predicted to see a significant 27% boost in visitors this Christmas – the highest uptick of any global airport – according to a Skyscanner study that pinpoints the 10 airports worldwide which will experience the biggest spike over the festive period.

Based on Skyscanner’s search and booking data from passengers travelling between 20 December 2016 and the 10 January 2017, the analysis shows that Sydney, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Moscow Sheremetyevo airports should be extra-prepared for the additional footfall they will receive over the Christmas period. Australia’s busiest and largest airport should expect a massive 27% increase in visitors to and from the airport, compared with average visits throughout the year. Suvarnabhumi will also see a rush of travellers with a 26% increase on normal levels, while Sheremetyevo will witness a similar 26% spike.


Get ready for the Christmas rush! Sydney, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Moscow Sheremetyevo airports should be prepared for the additional footfall they will receive over the Christmas period. All of them can expect at least a 25% increase in passengers travelling during this time when compared with the rest of the year.

Zurich is top when it comes to a single day

The analysis also drills down further to reveal which airports will see the greatest uptick in passengers during any single day over the period. Zurich comes in top for a single day boost with a huge 10.7% of its total festive footfall occurring on 23 December, possibly indicating a higher volume of flights as the last business day before Christmas comes to an end. St. Petersburg will see its biggest increase, with 10.3% of its total festive visitors departing or arriving on the 30 December, perhaps suggesting Russia’s most popular destination is also a hit for New Year’s eve tourism.

Head of Business Development for Skyscanner Analytics Faical Allou commented: “The festive period can be one of the busiest times of year for airports, with increasing numbers of passengers to process. Preparation is therefore vital, and being aware of the levels of flights that will arrive at and depart from different hubs, ahead of time, is a key advantage. Skyscanner’s Travel Insight data is unique in that it can reveal detailed forward demand for routes, in addition to search and booking volumes based on the travel search engine’s more than 50 million monthly visitors. This kind of information can play a vital role in airport’s decision making and forecasting, as well as exposing commercial opportunities.”

Lovely stuff

Christmas comes early in Switzerland and late in Russia. Zurich comes top out of all airports for a single day boost, with a huge 10.7% of its total festive footfall expected to occur on 23 December. In St Petersburg, its busiest day is anticipated to be 30 December, with 10.3% of Pulkovo’s total festive visitors arriving or departing on that day.

About this analysis and Skyscanner for Business data

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