Arch of Triumph 2017 launched – year five of global airport new route marketing competition

This time of year its all about forecasts – trying to predict what is going to happen over the next 12 months. Given all the shocks delivered during 2016 (Brexit, Trump etc.), anyone trying to guess what will happen this year is either a fool, stupid…or both. However, we already know that we are stupid fools – we score fire truck water arches from airline route launches for a living!! Our 2017 Arch of Triumph predictions are as follows: Total entries – to pass 400. Probably around 420. Annual winner will to stay inside of Europe, and the region will continue to dominate the competition with the most entrants. In addition, Europe will win all of the public votes which will take place at the start of S17 and W17/18. We’ll see in 12 months time whether any of these predictions come true – and looking at the three FTWAs from the rest of the world we have this week…our money looks safe. Keep Monitoring!!

Alaska Airlines Los Angeles to Havana 5 January

Only one tender...half an arch...but its the best of a bad bunch this week...

Only one tender…half an arch…but its the best of a bad bunch this week…

Judges’ comments: Maybe its a new year hangover in terms of the overall standard of this week’s FTWAs. The average score from the three entrants is just 11.1…not a great start to 2017. However, for the Caribbean it is a great start to the year. The region has only provided us with a weekly winner once before – way back in December 2013 when Aruba won the weekly battle with a score of 24.4. I say battle…it was the only entry that week…

Jonny: 3.5; Marc: 3.3; Paul: 7.0; Ralph: 2.2.

LATAM Airlines Santiago to Orlando 4 January

Hey great...we got the ATC tower in the picture...but no arch!!

Hey great…we got the ATC tower in the picture…but almost no arch!!

Judges’ comments: The data elf that sent me this FTWA asked whether it was the worst arch we had received ever…well it’s not far off…and definitely the worst so far in 2017! Last year we had a score of 0.8 for an FTWA in Lima which remains the worst-ever result. The firefighters at Edinburgh Airport will be sleeping easier tonight however, as this Orlando arch above now officially becomes the second lowest scoring FTWA in history. The Scottish airport had held that unwanted title with the 4.2 it recorded in the 2015 competition…

Jonny: 0.5; Marc: 1.1; Paul: 0.7; Ralph: 0.8.

Sky Airline Santiago to Mendoza 6 January


Does having a rainbow make up for only having half of an arch???

Judges’ comments: The last of three (thankfully) arches which have just one half of an FTWA on display this week. Are 50% of the firefighters still on festive vacations…is that why we are only getting 50% FTWAs? The rainbow, did however salvage some pride here in Mendoza – incidentally this is the Argentinian airport’s first ever FTWA. Lots of room for improvement however…

Jonny: 3.2; Marc: 4.1; Paul: 3.9; Ralph: 3.1.


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