Eurowings opens its latest base in Salzburg, its second in Austria after Vienna; one stationed A320 and 10 routes served this summer

Salzburg Eurowings launch.

Celebrating the opening of Eurowings’ newest base in Salzburg are Eurowings MD Michael Knitter and Salzburg Airport MD Roland Hermann. The airline will station one A320 in the Austrian city, the Lufthansa in-house LCC’s second base in Austria after Vienna. The carrier will serve 10 routes from Salzburg this summer.

On 12 January Eurowings opened its latest base in Salzburg. Initially the airline will base one A320 at the Austrian airport, with the Lufthansa in-house LCC offering 24 weekly flights to Salzburg from five destinations: Düsseldorf (five weekly flights), Cologne Bonn (daily), Brussels (four weekly), Paris CDG (five weekly) and Hamburg (three weekly). Below is a breakdown of the based A320’s schedule.

Eurowings’ based A320 schedule from Salzburg
Mon SZG 09:35 – 10:45 CGN CGN 11:25 – 12:35 SZG
SZG 13:15 – 14:50 HAM HAM 15:50 – 17:15 SZG
SZG 18:25 – 20:00 BRU BRU 20:45 – 22:20 SZG
Tue SZG 11:05 – 12:15 CGN CGN 12:55 –14:05 SZG
SZG 14:45 – 16:25 CDG CDG 17:05 – 18:40 SZG
Wed SZG 10:20 – 11:30 CGN CGN 12:10 – 13:20 SZG
SZG 14:00 – 15:40 CDG CDG 16:20 – 17:55 SZG
SZG 18:35 – 20:10 BRU BRU 20:55 – 22:30 SZG
Thu SZG 06:35 – 08:00 DUS DUS 08:45 – 10:10 SZG
SZG 13:50 – 15:25 HAM HAM 16:15 – 17:40 SZG
SZG 18:20 – 19:30 CGN CGN 20:10 – 21:20 SZG
Fri SZG 06:15 – 07:40 DUS DUS 08:15 – 09:40 SZG
SZG 10:20 – 11:30 CGN CGN 12:10 – 13:20 SZG
SZG 14:00 – 15:40 CDG CDG 16:20 – 17:55 SZG
SZG 18:35 – 20:10 BRU BRU 20:55 – 22:30 SZG
Sat SZG 08:40 – 10:05 DUS DUS 10:45 – 12:10 SZG
SZG 13:05 – 14:15 CGN CGN 14:40 – 16:00 SZG
SZG 16:45 – 18:25 CDG CDG 19:05 – 20:40 SZG
Sun SZG 09:40 – 11:20 BRU BRU 12:00 – 13:35 SZG
SZG 14:15 – 15:55 CDG CDG 16:35 – 18:10 SZG
SZG 18:50 – 20:15 DUS DUS 20:50 – 22:15 SZG
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser data for w/c 12 January 2017.

On top of the based aircraft’s schedule, a Monday Düsseldorf, Saturday Hamburg and Sunday Cologne Bonn rotation will be flown on away-based units, with OAG schedules currently highlighting these services as being operated by germanwings. The quietest day of the week for the stationed aircraft is Tuesday, with it only flying two rotations, while Friday is the busiest with it serving four routes.

S17 schedule changes

A further five routes will be flown from Salzburg for the summer season. They are: Palma de Mallorca (launching 26 March; three times weekly); Olbia (8 April; twice-weekly); Split (8 April; twice-weekly); Thessaloniki (8 April; twice-weekly); and Dubrovnik (13 April; twice-weekly). Despite the introduction of five additional routes, the number of weekly flights for S17 operated by Eurowings will only increase to 30, just six more weekly rotations than the carrier is providing this January.

Looking at the summer schedule, nine of the 30 weekly flights will be flown with an away-based aircraft, confirming that the airport will remain as a one aircraft base for S17. All flights to Cologne Bonn this summer will be flown on an away-based aircraft, with OAG schedules currently indicating that these will be flown under a germanwings flight code also. The Tuesday Palma de Mallorca flight will be flown by an aircraft that the airline will base at the Spanish airport this summer. The Thursday and Saturday Düsseldorf rotations and Sunday Paris CDG flight will also be flown by away-based aircraft, with the latter service showing to be operated by a Berlin Tegel-stationed A320. It should also be noted that for S17 Düsseldorf sees its weekly frequency drop from five to three flights, with the loss of the Friday and Sunday rotation. Brussels also drops to three times weekly, with the loss of the Monday service to the Belgian capital.

Only four routes to face direct competition

The table below highlights the S17 weekly operation of the 10 routes that Eurowings will operate from Salzburg.

Route Days of operation Competition (WF)
Düsseldorf (DUS) 1,4,6 airberlin (19)
Cologne Bonn (CGN) 1,3,4,5,7  
Brussels (BRU) 5,3,7  
Paris CDG (CDG) 1,3,5,7  
Hamburg (HAM) 2,4,5,7 easyJet (7)
Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 2,4,7 NIKI (9)
Thessaloniki (SKG) 2,6  
Olbia (OLB) 3,6 airberlin (1)
Split (SPU) 2,6  
Dubrovnik (DBV) 1,4  
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser data for w/c 13 June 2017. WF = Weekly Frequency.

Of the 10 routes that the airline will operate from Salzburg, only four of them will face direct competition. The most competitive route is Düsseldorf, with Eurowings’ four weekly flights going head-to-head against airberlin’s 19 weekly services. OAG schedules show that the latter carrier operates this 594-kilometre link on its Q400s.

Summer routes increase aircraft utilisation

In summer the A320 stationed in Salzburg will have an average flight time of 01:34 hours, while the average sector length will be 752 kilometres. When comparing that to this winter, the average sector length that the aircraft will fly is 654 kilometres, while the average flight time is 01:27 hours.

Shortly after landing in the cockpit of the new Eurowings Airbus A320: Airport Managing Director Roland Hermann, Vice President Christian Stöckl and Eurowings Managing Director Michael Knitter.

Shortly after landing on 12 January, Salzburg Airport MD Roland Hermann, Salzburg Airport VP Christian Stöckl and Eurowings MD Michael Knitter, tried out the cockpit of Eurowings’ Salzburg-stationed A320. The aircraft will initially have an average flight time of 01:27 hours. However, with the introduction of five routes in S17, this will increase by seven minutes to an average flight time of 01:34 hours.


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