Asia picks up its first Arch of Triumph win of 2017

It’s a first in Arch of Triumph history. Is it dancing pixies accompanying a water arch? Is it the first ever water arch sent from space? Nope. Its a very dull statistic. This is the first time ever in the competition’s five-year heritage that we have had back-to-back single entries in a competition week. Sure, we have had our fair share of quiet weeks when only one airport’s marketing team could tear themselves away from their endless free lunches and glamorous overseas travel and send over their fire truck water arches from route launches…but it has never been this bad!! So come on world…and in particular Europe, shake off those post-Brexit, post-Trump election, post-Christmas blues and get sending us some more water arches. Keep (Get) monitoring!

Philippine Airlines Clark to Cebu 30 January

A one-horse race is won in style in Cebu…

Judges’ comments: The right-hand tender in this image has got it all right, with its water jet falling gracefully into a subtle arch. Its sleek lines are elegant and well-poised. By contrast, the left-hand tender’s water jet is spiky, angular and ugly. This is the airport’s sixth entry in the competition, half of which were received for the public vote at the start of S16…this one was good enough to win this week in a one-horse race…the airport’s first-ever win…

Jonny: 7.3; Marc: 7.3; Paul: 8.0; Ralph: 7.5.


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