World’s longest route becomes world’s best FTWA of 2017 (so far…!)

Four weeks of competition and four different global regions have scooped a weekly win so far in the 2017 Arch of Triumph. This week’s winners – Auckland Airport in Australasia – join previous winners from Asia (Cebu), the Caribbean (Havana) and the Middle East (Tel Aviv). Still no entries from North America – which provided the second most FTWAs in 2016 – or Europe, the #1 region. Last year, it sent more FTWA entries than Asia, Australasia, the Caribbean and the Middle East combined. Has Brexit led to a water shortage across the region? Have airport marketing budgets been frozen for route launches in Dublin, Düsseldorf and Dubrovnik?? The judges are mystified. Keep Monitoring!!

Qatar Airways Doha to Auckland 5 February

Arch of Triumph at Auckland

World’s longest route becomes world’s best Arch of Triumph 2017 (so far)…

Judges’ Comments: This is no ordinary route launch. This was the inaugural service of the world’s longest commercial flight (14,535 kilometres) – with Qatar Airways stealing this award from its ‘Arch’ rival Emirates, which previously held the record with its Dubai to Auckland operation (342 kilometres shorter). Our intrepid roving reporter and Arch of Triumph judge Jonathan Ford was on board the first flight – see his interior images of this FTWA and trip report here. It is perhaps fitting that the FTWA not only wins this week’s title, but it is also sitting pretty at the top of the early 2017 leader board…

Jonny: 9.5; Marc: 8.7; Paul: 8.8; Ralph: 8.6.

Volaris Guadalajara to Miami 1 February

Volaris FTWA at MIami

Hard to tell the difference between the fluffy clouds over Florida and the water jets…

Judges’ Comments: If ever there was a need for some coloured water was for this FTWA in Miami. For all we know, this could have been a great arch…but if we can’t see it…we can’t judge it properly. We also like to see the fire tenders in shot…so we’re not sure whether the BA 747 has sprung a leak…or whether there is a lovely fire truck lurking on the right-hand side of this picture…

Jonny: 4.5; Marc: 5.1; Paul: 4.9; Ralph: 5.2.


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