Airbus and Boeing only deliver 38% of the total number of aircraft that they distributed in December during the first month of 2017

Iran Air A321 delivery

Tehran Airport in January welcomed with a water arch salute the first of 100 Airbus aircraft scheduled to be delivered to Iran Air, with the first aircraft being an A321. The airline is expected to welcome 46 single-aisle and 54 wide-body units from the European manufacturer. “This significant milestone marks the first practical step in Iran Air’s ambitious passenger aircraft fleet renewal and its stronger presence in international civil aviation,” stated Farhad Parvaresh, Iran Air Chairman and CEO.

Following on from an impressive 178 unit deliveries in December, Airbus and Boeing slowed down the amount of aircraft that they distributed in January. The companies combined handed over 69 aircraft to various customers around the world, only 38% of the total that both manufacturers achieved in the last month of 2016. When compared to January 2016, the total for deliveries last month was two units fewer than the 71 managed in the first month of last year. Boeing was the leader in regards to aircraft handovers in January, with it managing to distribute 44 units compared to Airbus’ 25. In January 74% of deliveries were single-aisle aircraft, with the remaining 26% wide-body.  

Airbus: 25 deliveries in January (21 narrow-body, four wide-body)

Airbus deliveries JAN 2017

Source: Airbus.

Airbus ended January with a total of 25 unit deliveries. The result is 86 units fewer than it delivered in December, but three more than it distributed in the same month of 2016. 

For the first month of this year single-aisle deliveries were led by the A321, with 14 being handed to 12 customers. The leading customers were American Airlines and Turkish Airlines which both welcomed two of the type. One of the most significant of these latest deliveries is the A321 that was collected by Iran Air. The delivery is the first from a firm order placed by Iran Air in December 2016 for 100 Airbus aircraft (46 single-aisle and 54 wide-body jets) to renew and expand its fleet. “This significant milestone marks the first practical step in Iran Air’s ambitious passenger aircraft fleet renewal and its stronger presence in international civil aviation. Iranian travellers can be proud with our selection of the world’s most modern single aisle aircraft,” said Farhad Parvaresh, Iran Air Chairman and CEO. Following the A321, the A320 was the second most popular single-aisle unit in January, with seven being delivered. Of the six airlines to receive the A320, Eurowings was the biggest recipient seeing two join its fleet. 

In relation to the wide-body market, Airbus handed over four units, one fewer than the five aircraft it handed over in January 2016, and 31 fewer than December. The leading unit was the A330-300, with three being handed over last month, with one each going to Delta Air Lines, EVA Air and Saudi Arabian Airlines. One A350 was handed over in January, with that going to Ethiopian Airlines – its third of the type. 

In January Saudi Arabia’s largest LCC, flynas, confirmed an order with Airbus for 60 A320neo family aircraft. flynas’ agreement with Airbus was confirmed with a press conference in Saudi Arabia attended by: Ayed Al Jeaid, Chairman, NAS Holding; Bander Al Mohanna, CEO, NAS Holding Group; and Fouad Attar, MD, Airbus Middle East. The airline already has 26 A320s in its fleet.

Boeing: 44 deliveries in January (30 narrow-body, 14 wide-body)

Source: Boeing.

Boeing kick-started 2017 by delivering 44 aircraft in January, five fewer than it delivered in the same month of 2016 and 23 fewer than December. In total 64% of total unit deliveries in January were Boeing aircraft. Of Boeing’s deliveries last month, 30 were single-aisle variants. The leading aircraft model was the 737-800, with 26 being handed over to 11 customers. The leading customer was Europe’s largest (U)LCC, Ryanair, with it welcoming seven of the type, while American,, Norwegian, Southwest Airlines and Xiamen Airlines welcomed two each. 

An analysis of the wide-body market shows that Boeing handed over 14 units in January, 10 more than its European counterpart. The leading model was the 787-9, with 10 being distributed to clients around the world. The leading customers were Air Canada and American which both welcomed two. Along with the 787-9s, two 787-8s and two 777-300s were also distributed. What is interesting to note is that last month was the first in recent years to see Emirates not collect one aircraft from either Boeing (777-300) or Airbus (A380).  

Norwegian welcomed two 737-800s in January, with one of them having the British aviation pioneer Amy Johnson on the tail fin of the aircraft registered EI-FYJ. Johnson becomes the second British person to be portrayed on a Norwegian aircraft, with the first being Roald Dahl last year.


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