Allegiant Air hits 1.8 million passengers from St. Pete-Clearwater; route count grows from 12 to 53 in 10 years; airline’s third largest base

St. Pete-Clearwater welcomed Allegiant Air’s inaugural service from Austin-Bergstrom with a water arch salute (which appears to be half water, half rainbow) on 17 February. Launching flights from St. Pete-Clearwater on 16 November 2006, the carrier has grown its network from 12 initial routes to 53 in S17, with the airline carrying just over 1.8 million passengers from the airport last year.

St. Pete-Clearwater is Allegiant Air’s third largest airport operation, sitting behind Orlando Sanford and Las Vegas. The airport occupied 8.0% of the airline’s departing seat capacity in 2016, while Sanford and Las Vegas both had a little under 11% each respectively. Allegiant Air first started serving St. Pete-Clearwater on 16 November 2006 when it launched routes to Chicago-Rockford and Allentown, with flights to South Bend commencing a day later. By the end of 2006, the airline was operating 12 routes from St. Pete-Clearwater on 33 weekly flights. In its first two months at St. Pete-Clearwater, Allegiant Air carried over 28,000 passengers. In 2016, it welcomed a little over 1.8 million. 

1.8 million passengers in 2016

Last year Allegiant Air managed an average month-on-month increase in traffic from St. Pete-Clearwater of 16%. The result has meant that the airline has grown to carry just over 1.8 million passengers from the Floridian airport in 2016. Allegiant Air is one of three airline’s serving St. Pete-Clearwater, with the others being Sun Country Airlines and Sunwing Airlines. In total St. Pete-Clearwater welcomed just under 1.84 million passengers in 2016, meaning that around 96-97% of all traffic through the airport last year flew on an Allegiant Air flight. 

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) 2016.

Since 2010, Allegiant Air has averaged a year-on-year increase in traffic from St. Pete-Clearwater of just over 17%.The best month for growth in 2016 was September, when traffic grew by an impressive 36% for the carrier when compared to the same month in 2015. Looking back through data to 2010, the best month for growth was July 2015, when traffic increased by over 47%.

Route count grows to 53

When referring to OAG schedules, Allegiant Air will be serving 53 routes from St. Pete-Clearwater this summer, up four when compared to S16. The latest routes launched by the airline from St. Pete-Clearwater were to Cleveland and Austin-Bergstrom, with the former having launched on 15 February, while the latter started the following day. Along with these two services, flights to Portsmouth were inaugurated on 17 November, while New Orleans joined the route line-up on 3 June. The carrier has got one new route planned from the airport in S17, with flights to Louisville in Kentucky expecting to begin on 24 May.    

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser data.

Allegiant Air’s weekly flights from St. Pete-Clearwater have grown from 30 in S07 to 149 in S17, this represents an increase in weekly flights of 397% over the past 10 years. Despite the significant increase in flights the average weekly frequency of Allegiant Air’s routes from St. Pete-Clearwater has only risen from 2.5 to 2.8. Analysing the carrier’s history from St. Pete-Clearwater over the past decade has revealed an anomaly in the airline’s schedules, in W08/09 it appears to have only flown three routes with nine weekly flights – Knoxville, Greenville/Spartanburg and Greensboro. Although’s data elves have been unable to discover why this reduced operation was flown, it would appear that at the time St. Pete-Clearwater was going through a terminal renovation, potentially resulting in reduced capacity throughput at the airport.   

Cincinnati is champion connection

Allegiant Air’s number one route from St. Pete-Clearwater is Cincinnati, a route that occupies 5.4% of the airline’s 24,700 weekly one-way seats in S17. What is interesting to note is the frequency of the Cincinnati service. At eight times weekly, it is one of only 10 routes that the airline flies across its network with at least a daily frequency when referring to OAG schedules. As stated, the average weekly frequency of Allegiant Air’s services from St. Pete-Clearwater this summer is 2.8, with 20 routes from the airport seeing a weekly frequency of three or more. 

Source: OAG Schedules Analyser data for w/c 13 June 2017.

Unlike other airports in its network, Allegiant Air seems to have a more balanced weekly operation from St. Pete-Clearwater, with all 149 weekly flights this summer spread evenly across the seven-day period. The quietest day for the carrier is Tuesday (13 flights; 8.7% of weekly flights), while its busiest days are Thursdays and Sundays (24; 16%). 

Allegiant Air has grown from 12 routes in S07 to 53 routes in S17 from St. Pete-Clearwater. Last year the airline carried just over 1.8 million passengers from the Floridian airport, between 96-97% of the facility’s total traffic.


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