Nine routes adopted in year of Unserved Route of the Week

In the first year of our cooperation with Skyscanner, the leading flight comparison site, we have already seen nine of the Unserved Route of the Week city pairs featured being picked up by nine different airlines, and ranging from flag carriers to ULCCs. These include five routes in Europe, two in North America, one in Australasia and one linking Asia and Europe.

Unserved Route of the Week draws on the the aspirational data captured from Skyscanner’s leading flight comparison site which has more than 60 million unique visitors every month. Based on Skyscanner’s cutting edge Travel Insight big data solution, the feature identifies market route demand for routes currently unserved by the industry, but for which there lies a substantial commercial opportunity. 

The launch of the feature has proven to be massively impactful, with a total of nine airport pairs which have featured in the weekly analysis now on sale as new non-stop routes. As a result, it has given and Skyscanner a 16% success rate during the past year in making airline route planners aware of some of the leading unserved markets in the world, having featured 57 potential city pairs so far. On that basis, we are sure to build on this success going into the second year of our partnership with the leading comparison site. Here, to celebrate a year of the partnership between and Skyscanner, the data and the feature, we round up some of the success stories and the, as yet untapped, opportunities.  

Glasgow-Brussels – now served by Ryanair (to Brussels Charleroi)

This twice-weekly service between Glasgow and Brussels was launched by Ryanair on 28 April last year and was the first ever, at that time, unserved route to be featured in the weekly analysis. The number-crunching showed that Skyscanner data pointed to around 10,000 would-be travellers searching for the route every month.

Dublin-Miami – launches 1 September operated by Aer Lingus

Over 5,000 would-be passengers per month are searching for Dublin-Miami flights on Skyscanner, yet a service between these two great party cities remains open – our data elves and their cousins at Skyscanner think it’s a new route crime well-worth investigation. You can examine the market potential for more great unserved city pairs like this using the suite of products from “Skyscanner for Business.”

Another early feature was the Dublin to Miami route featuring as the second-ever analysis to be highlighted in 2016. The piece pointed out that the route provided an excellent commercial opportunity for Aer Lingus with over 60,000 searches on Skyscanner in the previous year. Fast forward to November of last year and sure enough Aer Lingus announced it would be launching its new service on this route!

Seoul Incheon-Barcelona – launches 28 April operated by Korean Air

Korean Air Seoul Incheon Barcelona

The eighth Unserved Route of the Week feature that we produced, the city pairing of Seoul and Barcelona, showed that there was a demand of 325,000 annual passengers between the two cities. Korean Air snapped up the opportunity, and it will commence Seoul Incheon to Barcelona from 28 April, initially testing the water with a summer seasonal service on a five times weekly basis.

Vilnius-Munich – now served by airBaltic 

Vilnius Munich airBaltic

Having initially suggested that the unserved link between Munich and Vilnius should be served by Transavia, the airline will now close its sole German base. However we did suggest another carrier for the business opportunity, airBaltic, and it is the carrier that has recently launched flights on the sector. With a potential market of 90,000 annual passengers, airBaltic is sure to pick-up the majority of demand on its three times weekly service between the two cities.

Vancouver-Boston – launches 23 June operated by Air Canada 

Vancouver to Boston

90,000 travellers presumably made grumbling noises when they searched for direct flights between Vancouver and Boston, but Air Canada listened, with the Star Alliance member scheduling 23 June as the day on which it will begin flights between the two cities. Initally the airline will offer a seasonal service on the connection until 4 September, with it planning to fly the city pairing on its 120-seat A319s with a daily rotation.

Stockholm Arlanda-Stuttgart – now served by SAS

Stuttgart Stockholm SAS

The home of Ikea is now closer to the home of Mercedes as SAS has seen the demand for a direct flight between Strocholm and Stuttgart, a potential market of 110,000 travellers. Mentioned as an Unserved Route of the Week in September, SAS began the route on 26 March with a six times weekly service on its CRJ 900s.

Nadi-Adelaide – launches 30 June operated by Fiji Airways

Adelaide-Nadi is "Skyscanner Unserved Route of the Week” with 35,000 annual searches; Fiji Airways' next Australian foray??

With 35,000 searches in the last year, Nadi to Adelaide was featured as Unserved Route of the Week as recently as November of last year, alongside a handy tip-off for Fiji Airways which the article suggested would be a good fit for running the route. Under one month later the route was announced in December 2016, with flights being offered from this summer. On top of being the only carrier offering non-stop flights between Adelaide and Nadi, Fiji Airways is also hoping that the new route will go some way in supporting its year-round flights to Los Angeles and seasonal schedule to San Francisco.

Tampa-Salt Lake City – launches 21 December operated by Delta Air Lines

Tampa-Salt Lake City is Skyscanner “Unserved Route of the Week”

This route was featured in the cooperation in October of last year, and was announced as a new service by Delta Air Lines just last month. With over 25,000 domestic searches on Skyscanner taking place for the route each year, this is sure to be a popular new service for the US Big 3 carrier (USB3). The brand new non-stop daily flights will begin from 21 December using a 737-800, with services departing Tampa for Salt Lake City at 07:00 and arriving at 09:41. Service from Salt Lake City to Tampa will depart at 17:15. and arrive at 11:41. This will come as a welcome relief to anyone who is currently trying to travel between the two destinations; as of right now, flights from Tampa to Salt Lake City can take up to seven hours with connections in places like Denver, Houston or Dallas/Fort Worth.

Larnaca to Madrid now served by Cobalt 

Cobalt Larnaca Madrid

The most recent new route to be launched that has featured in the Unserved Route of the Week is an intra-European connection – Larnaca to Madrid. Thecity pair was soon snapped up by Cobalt, with it taking the opportunity to connect Larnaca with Madrid, a market of 120,000 annual passengers, since 4 April. With the article having only gone out on 18 February, the airline wasted no time entering the market.

More untapped potential: get in there while it’s still unserved!

Four of our Unserved Route of the Week services may have been snapped up already, but there is still ample opportunity to capitalise on some of the routes Skyscanner data has exposed that currently remain unserved. Here are a few of the biggest ones which have been analysed recently:

  • London – Kochi: with over 1.4 million searches from the UK capital to this Indian city in the past 12 months, this route is a great opportunity for whichever airline grabs it;

  • Manchester – Mumbai: another Indian gem, this time from Manchester, offers up a history of over 725,000 searches in the last year;

  • Barcelona – Bangkok: Spain’s city of culture to the Thai capital is a tempting offer with over 1.1 million searches annually – according to Skyscanner data.

You can check out the latest opportunities by visiting our weekly feature. Want to find out more about the cutting edge product behind the stories, Travel Insight?


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