Marseille needs Hamburg, who needs…Marseille!

Marseille and Hamburg airport teams at Routes Europe in Belfast on 25 April. They discussed prospective carriers to serve a route between their two great cities: Thomas Descamps, Airlines and Tour Operations Relations Manager, Marseille Airport; Stephan Erler, Senior Manager Traffic Development, Hamburg Airport; Julien Boullay, CCO, Marseille Airport; Véronique Lemée-Alexandre, Head of Market Research and Network Development, Marseille Airport; Jörgen Kearsley, Head of Aviation Marketing, Hamburg Airport; Alexandra Ringel, Senior Manager Traffic Development & Sales, Hamburg Airport; and Laurent Dubosc, Network Development Manager, Marseille Airport.

The route development teams at Marseille and Hamburg airports have something in common – apart from being the fifth largest airports in France and Germany. Looking at both airports’ top unserved destinations in Europe, Marseille and Hamburg share their respective biggest network white spot – for Hamburg it is Marseille; and for Marseille it is Hamburg.

“Both cities have very much in common: they are second largest to the capitals in their countries, both are maritime cities with close business connections and have strongly developed over the past years to become liveable life style cities, attracting more and more city break tourists from all over Europe and overseas,” suggests Véronique Lemée-Alexandre, Head of Market Research and Network Development, Marseille Airport. 

“A four times weekly schedule would perfectly fit to this city pairing that offers a good balance between inbound and outbound demand, as well as between business and leisure travel purpose,” adds Jörgen Kearsley, Head of Aviation Marketing, Hamburg Airport.

25k O&D passengers per year – up to 40K possible

With more than 25,000 O&D passengers flying every year (and up to 40,000 passengers when Air France last operated the route in 2012), this is a great opportunity for a prospective airline. Back in the summer of 2007 Ryanair operated a seasonal link from Marseille to Hamburg Lübeck while last year ASL Airlines France operated 20 flights during the peak summer season between Marseille and Hamburg according to OAG data. Clearly, the German and French airport teams are going to be working closely to make this potential route a reality once again in 2018.

Port to Port – Airport to Airport. The market similarities are obvious between Hamburg and Marseille, with a market potential in the range of 25-40,000 (at least) passengers. Airlines…form an orderly queue please!!


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