Danish delight in first-ever Arch of Triumph win

So far this year we have received nearly 180 FTWAs from the world’s airports. However, you would think that the centre of the world – in Arch of Triumph competition terms at least – was in Europe. Seven in 10 (or 70%) of all the FTWAs that we have received so far this year has been from that region. In the 2016 competition that figure was just 49% for the whole year. Leading the charge (if you can call it that) is North America in second spot (with 9%), with Asia not far behind (8%) and South America in fourth (6%). So it’s time for the rest of the world to step-up!! Keep Monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
13-Apr Ural Airlines Sochi/Adler to Tel Aviv Sochi/Adler (AER) 37.6
25-May Delta Air Lines New York JFK to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 37.5
16-Feb United Airlines San Francisco to Tampa Tampa (TPA) 37.4
28-Apr Monarch Airlines Birmingham to Porto Porto (OPO) 36.8
07-May Germania Fuerteventura to Toulouse Fuerteventrua (FUE) 36.7
08-Apr Luxair Luxembourg to Alicante Alicante (ALC) 36.2
16-May Ukraine International Airlines Kiev Boryspil to Milan Bergamo Milan Bergamo (BGY) 35.9
02-Jun Blue Air Bucharest to Copenhagen Copenhagen (CPH) 35.6
05-Feb Qatar Airways Doha to Auckland Auckland (AKL) 35.6
10-Feb Himalaya Airlines Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur (KUL) 35.4

Blue Air Bucharest to Copenhagen 2 June

Copenhagen’s first FTWA of 2017…and its first win!! That’s how to do it…

Judges’ comments: Believe it or not, this is just the second FTWA that we have received from Denmark’s busiest airport. The first was around 18 months ago in the Winter 15/16 Public Vote week…it didn’t win! So it is quite remarkable that with its first Arch of Triumph entry of 2017 that Copenhagen has scooped the weekly win and eighth spot on the overall leader board…gode ting!!

Jonny: 8.9; Marc: 8.8; Paul: 8.9; Ralph: 9.0.

Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Philadelphia 30 May 

Icelandair Philadelphia

A ghostly apparition in this FTWA…

Judges’ comments: Clearly it had been…or was still raining…in Philadelphia when the Icelandair aircraft touched down on the inaugural flight…either way…the photographer was not going to get his or her hair wet taking a picture of the FTWA…and stayed inside. The result…a picture with lots of reflection on it…how to reduce this issue…hold your camera closer to the glass next time…

Jonny: 4.5; Marc: 4.2; Paul: 4.6; Ralph: 5.1.

Singapore Airlines Singapore to Stockholm Arlanda 30 May

Always good to have a nice new piece of kit on a route launch…

Judges’ comments: Singapore Airlines will be the first airline at Stockholm Arlanda to operate Airbus’ brand-new A350-900 model. It’s nice to have a new piece of kit on the route launch…rather than a scabby old 777-200 for example, which the airline could well have decided to use on the fledgling route…it certainly adds to the FTWA… 

Jonny: 8.2; Marc: 9.2; Paul: 8.7; Ralph: 8.5.

Air Serbia Belgrade to Venice Marco Polo 1 June

Air Serbia Venice

They might have an idea here in Venice…reflect upon it…

Judges’ comments: We have had many different types of FTWA over the last four years of competition, but one thing the anna.aero judges are pretty sure that we have never had is a reflected one. The firefighters here in Venice seem to have the idea…but if they had watered the whole taxiway first…we may have got the whole Air Serbia A319 reflected and not just the tail…hats off to the airport that can do a full aircraft reflection…that will score heavily!!

Jonny: 6.5; Marc: 5.3; Paul: 6.1; Ralph: 6.4.

Atlasglobal Istanbul Atatürk to Krasnodar 1 June

Boy this aircraft is either brand new or has just had a new paint job!! So shiny…

Judges’ comments: Night time shots of FTWAs generally fall into two categories…visually stunning…or dark and desolate. This one from Krasnodar in Russia falls into the first category, but just wasn’t quite good enough to steal the weekly crown…

Jonny: 8.5; Marc: 9.0; Paul: 8.5; Ralph: 8.0.

Emirates Dubai to Zagreb 1 June 

Emirates Zagreb

Zagreb’s first FTWA of 2017…for its second MEB3 carrier…

Judges’ comments: Well if you are going to organise an Arch of Triumph this year, you are going to save it for the arrival of your second MEB3 carrier (Qatar Airways already flies to the capital of Croatia). That’s exactly what seems to have happened in Zagreb, as this is its first offering of 2017. With this one, that makes seven in total, with the airport’s first entry being sent way back in May 2014…

Jonny: 7.2; Marc: 5.8; Paul: 6.6; Ralph: 6.8.

Ernest Milan Malpensa to Tirana 1 June

The importance of being Ernest…in Milan…

Judges’ comments: It’s always nice to get an Arch of Triumph from a brand new airline…receiving its first of hopefully many FTWAs in a long life of route launches. Apparently this is who Ernest is…taken from the airline’s website...I’m a traveller, a writer, a dreamer. I’ve got family overseas and friends all over the world. I’ve met a lot of people in my time, big and small, everyone with different needs. I’ve listened to their stories and I thought about how their ideal plans should be reality. Most of all I learned that people just want to be together. So now you know who he is…

Jonny: 9.0; Marc: 8.6; Paul: 8.6; Ralph: 8.3.

Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Belfast City 1 June

Soggy Arch of Triumph in Northern Ireland…

Judges’ comments: At the recent Routes Europe in Belfast, the drinks (and food) kept flowing all through the three-day airline and airport speed-dating event…excellent hosts that the Northern Ireland team were. The same approach to the provision of liquids seems to have been applied to this FTWA…too much liquid everywhere…all you need now is 1,200 thirsty delegates again to sup it all!!

Jonny: 5.5; Marc: 4.1; Paul: 4.7; Ralph: 4.5.

LEVEL Barcelona to Los Angeles 1 June 

LEVEL Barcelona

Those water jets are far from LEVEL…and also far from level…

Judges’ comments: Our second brand new airline this week. While there was clearly some thought and time put into the Ernest branding…this appears to have not been the case for LEVEL. I am guessing about 30 minutes (most of which was a coffee break) with a packet of four wax crayons…and it was done. However, I am betting that IAG (owner of LEVEL, as well as British Airways, Iberia and Vueling) paid a small fortune for all that creativity…

Jonny: 5.1; Marc: 5.7; Paul: 5.6; Ralph: 6.0.

Air Astana Astana to Kiev Boryspil 2 June

Are those Il-76s in the background or just BAe 146s that have been left in the sun for too long?

Judges’ comments: This new flight has just arrived from Kazakhstan – EXPO 2017 starts in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital city, next week (and runs until September) with its theme being ‘Future Energy’. Well one thing is for certain, the firefighters at Kiev Boryspil will have to put a bit more ‘energy’ into their FTWAs in the ‘future’ if they want to get a higher score next time…

Jonny: 5.9; Marc: 6.7; Paul: 6.3; Ralph: 6.4.

SWISS Zurich to Cork 2 June

Wooooooooahhh…extreme close-up…

Judges’ comments: With some FTWAs you can almost feel the spray from the tenders yourself…especially when you are up close and personal like this one from Cork. Rather than actually feeling like you are about three feet (one metre) from the oncoming aircraft, it is more than likely it’s a bit of over keen cropping of the image that is to blame here…

Jonny: 6.1; Marc: 3.5; Paul: 4.4; Ralph: 3.7.

WOW air Reykjavik/Keflavik to Brussels 2 June 

Brussels WOW air

WOW…what a lovely FTWA in Brussels…

Judges’ comments: So close yet so far as two of Europe’s most prominent hubs slug it out for FTWA glory!! Beaten by Copenhagen by just 0.1, Brussels has to take second spot in this week’s Arch of Triumph competition with this sunkissed beauty…

Jonny: 8.8; Marc: 8.7; Paul: 8.9; Ralph: 9.1.

Southwest Airlines Cincinnati to Chicago Midway 4 June

Cincinnati Southwest Airlines

LOST! One FTWA…also responds to the name of Arch of Triumph…

Judges’ comments: This picture has pretty much got everything else in it that you would expect to see on the apron when welcoming a new flight to your airport…apart from the one thing you were actually standing there waiting for…the FTWA…if anyone finds it…can they send it back to Cincinnati please…

Jonny: 4.5; Marc: 2.7; Paul: 3.6; Ralph: 3.7.

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