Rest of the World takes back-to-back wins in 2017 Arch of Triumph competition – Europe still dominates inter-regional battle

After 19 consecutive weeks of back-to-back victories, Europe’s airports have failed to win the Arch of Triumph title for the past two weeks, with Asia (Cebu) and North America (Spokane) finally delivering wins for the rest of the world. While these recent titles will do little in terms of seeing Europe lose its massive superiority in terms of weekly wins in this year’s inter-regional competition – it has 21 out of 30 (70%) – it does have an impact on the scramble for second spot. At the moment, that position is held by Asia with three victories (10% of total), just ahead of this week’s all-conquering region North America, which now has two wins (7%). Despite these titles, neither airport managed to make an impact on the overall leader board (see below), with Spokane’s score of 34.4 this week giving it 17th place, while Cebu’s tally of 26.1 meant it was only able to muster 25th position, just below its other weekly win from January. Keep monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
13-Apr Ural Airlines Sochi/Adler to Tel Aviv Sochi/Adler (AER) 37.6
25-May Delta Air Lines New York JFK to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 37.5
16-Feb United Airlines San Francisco to Tampa Tampa (TPA) 37.4
25-Jun Wizz Air Košice to Cologne Bonn Košice (KSC) 37.2
28-Apr Monarch Airlines Birmingham to Porto Porto (OPO) 36.8
07-May Germania Fuerteventura to Toulouse Fuerteventrua (FUE) 36.7
15-Jun Ellinair Thessaloniki to Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 36.4
07-Jun Air China Beijing to Zurich Zurich (ZRH) 36.3
08-Apr Luxair Luxembourg to Alicante Alicante (ALC) 36.2
15-Jul Aeroflot Moscow Sheremetyevo to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 36.0

Southwest Airlines Sacramento to Spokane 1 August 

Officially named the ‘Lilac City’…surely this FTWA should have had a purple tinge to it??

Judges’ comments: The city of Spokane was initially named Spokane Falls. This is because Spokane Falls is the name of a waterfall and dam on the Spokane River, located in the central business district of the downtown area. On this basis, this FTWA is of course named Spokane Falls…and is a worthy weekly winner…

Jonny: 8.6; Kerry: 8.6; Marc: 8.5; Ralph: 8.7.

Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa to Kaduna 1 August 

Ethiopian Airlines Kaduna

Has the co-pilot got a bit damp with this Nigerian FTWA…

Judges’ comments: This is only our fifth African FTWA of 2017, a contribution that is considerably down on the 14 that we had received in 2016. It is the first entry that we have had from the regional Nigerian city…but it will probably not be the last. According to recent statistics, the city has nearly doubled in size in little over a decade, so with a catchment population of over 1.3 million, Ethiopian Airlines will not be the last carrier to venture into this dynamic market…which means more FTWAs for us!

Jonny: 4.2; Kerry: 3.9; Marc: 3.7; Ralph: 3.9.

SAS Stockholm Arlanda to Shannon 1 August 

SAS Shannon

We can see R2…but where is R1??

Judges’ comments: You may think we are being harsh when we say that if there is only 50% of an Arch of Triumph visible, that the maximum score that can be attributed to the offering from Shannon can only be 5.0 per judge or a total score of 20 out of 40. But then I would remind you that this is our competition and therefore we make-up the rules as we see fit…so there!

Jonny: 4.5; Kerry: 4.1; Marc: 4.1; Ralph: 3.8.

United Airlines Chicago O’Hare to Columbia 1 August 

United Airlines Columbia

A bit flat this arch…like a pancake…and nothing like a Steak Sinatra…

Judges’ comments: One of Columbia’s best restaurants, CC’s City Broiler, features Steak Sinatra, Gary’s bone in ribeye, chicken Martini and vegetarian dish du jour (brolied squash, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and asparagus). Its Girth Control Corner (or dessert menu) offers creme brulée cheescake; chocolate and peanut butter stack cake; Godiva Chocolate baby bundt cake; and classic pecan pie and whipped cream. There is no sign of a pancakes on its menu…as they seem to be all at the airport…

Jonny: 8.1; Kerry: 8.4; Marc: 8.5; Ralph: 8.5.

Avianca Brazil Sao Paulo Guarulhos to Santiago 7 August 

Avianca Brazil Santiago

Grey and miserable skies…grey and miserable FTWA…

Judges’ comments: Apparently, in Santiago (in Chile), the summers are long, warm, arid and clear, while the winters are cold and partly cloudy. There is no mention of the grey, miserable, rain-filled clouds that are evidenced in this photograph…next time, book the sunshine along with the firefighters…as this looks like a UK summer’s day and not a South American one…

Jonny: 5.1; Kerry: 5.8; Marc: 6.8; Ralph: 5.5.


  1. Oscar Martinez says:

    Dear team at ANNA AERO,
    No need to be so harsh with the Avianca Brasil FTWA at SCL. Please note that SCL sits in the Southern Hemisphere, so right now it is deepest winter down there!

    All best and keep up the excellent and entertaining work!


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