Prague Airport proudly displays its Arch of Triumph certificate

We’re not sure what is most impressive…the line-up of some of Prague Airport’s finest firefighters or the magnificent beast of a Rosenbauer in which they ply their trade. The airport, which saluted the arrival of Qatar Airways last week, collected its second-ever Arch of Triumph certificate for the FTWA which beat the rest with a score of 31.5.

Last August, Prague Airport won a one-horse race to secure its first-ever Arch of Triumph title heralding the arrival of Sichuan Airlines’ service from Chengdu. In almost the same week but a year later on, the Czech capital city airport did it again, this time to mark the start of Qatar Airways’ new daily route from Doha. So with six entries spread out over the last three years of competition, Prague has achieved an impressive strike rate of one in three when it come to winning this prestigious award. Clearly its takes the arrival of a new long-haul service for the airport to pull out all the stops and secure the weekly win. Keep Monitoring!! 

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
13-Apr Ural Airlines Sochi/Adler to Tel Aviv Sochi/Adler (AER) 37.6
25-May Delta Air Lines New York JFK to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 37.5
16-Feb United Airlines San Francisco to Tampa Tampa (TPA) 37.4
25-Jun Wizz Air Košice to Cologne Bonn Košice (KSC) 37.2
28-Apr Monarch Airlines Birmingham to Porto Porto (OPO) 36.8
07-May Germania Fuerteventura to Toulouse Fuerteventrua (FUE) 36.7
15-Jun Ellinair Thessaloniki to Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 36.4
07-Jun Air China Beijing to Zurich Zurich (ZRH) 36.3
08-Apr Luxair Luxembourg to Alicante Alicante (ALC) 36.2
15-Jul Aeroflot Moscow Sheremetyevo to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 36.0

Wizz Air Budapest to St. Petersburg 27 August

A well-lit night shot can really make a difference…

Judges’ Comments: We love night shots of FTWAs, but they can be notoriously hard to pull-off with good effect. Plaudits all round for Pulkovo’s effort here as they have managed to get enough lighting on the Wizz Air aircraft. All we need now is to be able to see both tenders…and this FTWA would have scored even higher…but it was still good enough to win this week’s competition…

Jonny: 6.5; Kerry: 6.3; Marc: 6.7; Paul: 6.5.

Wizz Air Kiev Zhulyany to Lublin 25 August 

Wizz Air Lublin

Errrrr…the centreline is over to the left mate…the bright yellow thing you are meant to be following…

Judges’ Comments: This is only the second FTWA that we have received from Lublin Airport. The first was way back in April 2014, when the Polish airport mustered fourth spot in a week that had five entries. Again this week we have had five entries…and this time the Polish airport has risen to third place…so progress is clearly being made…

Jonny: 5.9; Kerry: 5.5; Marc: 6.3; Paul: 5.9.

Wizz Air Kiev Zhulyany to Poznan 25 August 

Wizz Air Poznan

A Kardashian-style FTWA from Poznan…

Judges’ Comments: The third and final Wizz Air FTWA entry this week, and the second of two night shots, which are always tricky to stage manage. The Budapest-based ULCC is by far and away the most popular airline in the 2017 competition, with its aircraft now having received 22 FTWAs from airports across Europe. A distant second is Blue Air, with a far from shabby 13 entries since January…

Jonny: 6.1; Kerry: 6.0; Marc: 6.5; Paul: 6.2.

Qatar Airways Doha to Kiev Boryspil 28 August 

Qatar Airways Kiev

A gap as wide as the Dnieper River…

Judges’ Comments: The Dnieper River is the fourth-largest in Europe, and it runs from Smolensk in Russia through Belarus and Ukraine to the Black Sea. It is famously known for its dams and hydroelectric stations. The river’s reservoirs have large ship locks, allowing vessels of up to 886ft by 59ft to access as far as the port of Kiev and thus create an important transport corridor. It seems the Boryspil firefighters have left that same amount of room to allow Qatar Airways’ A320 to pass through. Unlike a boat though…this aircraft remained bone-dry when receiving this FTWA…  

Jonny: 4.8; Kerry: 4.9; Marc: 5.1; Paul: 4.9.

Nordica Tallinn to Gothenburg 28 August 

Nordica Gothenburg

I hope that isn’t a chemical mist in Sweden?? A Birling Gap FTWA??

Judges’ Comments:  Birling Gap beach, which is on the East Sussex coast of the UK, was evacuated on Sunday this week after people reported breathing difficulties, stinging eyes and vomiting when a “mist” appeared. About 150 people have been treated in hospital and hundreds more affected by an unknown gas. Hopefully the same unexplained phenomenon was not present in Gothenburg the very next day. You see…sun-bathing on the beach is really bad for you…

Jonny: 1.2; Kerry: 0.8; Marc: 2.1; Paul: 1.4.


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