SA Airlink adventures into St. Helena

SA Airlink’s Johannesburg to St. Helena

A route as important as this calls for cake, with St. Helena’s first ever service being greeted with this lovely creation. Along with cake, passengers arriving on the inaugural service were flag waved off by the SA Airlink’s cockpit crew Tammy King and Jaco Henning, with them then being greeted by the Governor of St. Helena Lisa Phillips.

  • SA Airlink has become the first-ever carrier to begin scheduled services to St. Helena (HLE) beginning on 14 October a weekly (Saturdays) E190-operated 3,686-kilometre connection from Johannesburg (JNB), a route that operates via a technical stop in Windhoek, Namibia. “For St. Helena, this is the start of a bright new future. We are determined to make sure that air services work to benefit all St. Helenians and bring about a higher standard of living for those on the island. We are open for business and investment and we know tourists will marvel at the beauty of the island. We are happy to welcome our visitors to the ‘secret of the South Atlantic’,” commented Lisa Phillips, Governor of St. Helena, at the arrival ceremony of the first flight. “This is a momentous historic occasion for St. Helena, its citizens and its stakeholders. On behalf of all of us at SA Airlink, the staff, board of directors and the shareholders of the airline, I hereby express our absolute joy and pride at having accomplished this inaugural flight and for having established this scheduled public transportation air bridge for St. Helena. This is indeed a privilege for SA Airlink and we congratulate St. Helena on achieving this auspicious milestone which has been many years in the making,” added Karin Murray, Sales and Marketing Manager at SA Airlink. Along with this new service, SA Airlink will operate a monthly charter service between St. Helena and Ascension Island. This charter operation will commence on Saturday 18 November and return 19 November. Thereafter the flight will take place on the second weekend of every month. See how St. Helena Airport’s FTWA compares to others from around the world


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