Battle for second spot in inter-regional Arch of Triumph competition hots-up as Asia and North America slug-it out

Way back in 2013, Asia finished a lowly third in the inter-regional competition, behind Europe and the winners North America. Since then it has taken the runner-up slot every year, playing second fiddle to the orchestra of European Arch of Triumph annual victories. However, its position as the #2 region is under threat following this week’s win for North America. The only other region to have won the overall title drew level with Asia on four wins each this week, thanks to victory in California. The inaugural service was flown by US ULCC Frontier Airlines, with the carrier now claiming two spots on the leader board, albeit in 24th and 26th (this week’s entry) positions. Keep monitoring!! 

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
13-Apr Ural Airlines Sochi/Adler to Tel Aviv Sochi/Adler (AER) 37.6
25-May Delta Air Lines New York JFK to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 37.5
16-Feb United Airlines San Francisco to Tampa Tampa (TPA) 37.4
27-Sep China Southern Airlines Guangzhou to Vientiane Vientiane (VTE) 37.3
25-Jun Wizz Air Košice to Cologne Bonn Košice (KSC) 37.2
28-Apr Monarch Airlines Birmingham to Porto Porto (OPO) 36.8
15-Sep Hainan Airlines Beijing to Belgrade Belgrade (BEG) 36.7
07-May Germania Fuerteventura to Toulouse Fuerteventrua (FUE) 36.7
06-Sep Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Tampa Reykjavik/Keflavik (KEF) 36.6
15-Jun Ellinair Thessaloniki to Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 36.4

Frontier Airlines Austin to Ontario 12 October 

We are loving the symmetry of this FTWA…

Judges’ comments: Doing this job…you have to be a bit nerdy. You have to not only live it but love it too. Us geeks tend to like order, conformity and in terms of FTWAs a natural symmetry. On that basis we love the symmetry on display in the above image…two equidistant tenders…and the two wing walking ground staff. Very pleasing to our collective nerdy eyes…of which (unsurprisingly) there are now 16…yes, we all wear glasses…some more recently than others (sign of getting old…sniff)…

Jonny: 7.9; Kerry: 8.3; Marc: 8.1; Nick: 8.2.

Azimuth Airline Rostov-on-Don and St. Petersburg 10 October

Did the photographer slip when they took this image…or do they have one leg longer than the other??

Judges’ comments: All three FTWA images that we received from Russia’s second city (but arguably its most beautiful) were at this jaunty angle. We don’t mind that at all…to be honest its nice to have a change from the norm (we have seen over 1,300 FTWAs since the competition started in 2013…so its good to see something different!)…but artistic pictures should not come at the cost of not seeing all of the arch…50% of an FTWA means no scores higher than 5.0 are possible…

Jonny: 3.9; Kerry: 4.4; Marc: 4.2; Nick: 4.0.

Air Austral St. Denis to Marseille 12 October 

Air Austral Marseille

The fifth FTWA that we have had from Marseille this year…but is it its best?

Judges’ comments: This time last year was probably one of the best days in the history of Marseille Airport. Yes, the French airport not only won the weekly Arch of Triumph title…but it scooped the second of the two public votes which heralded the start of the W17/18, sweeping aside the 15 other entries. High on the buzz from winning last year, in 2017 it has been desperate to relive those heady days again…as we see its fifth FTWA so far this year…but in scoring 30.2…it is only its third-best of 2017…

Jonny: 7.7; Kerry: 7.5; Marc: 7.2; Nick: 7.8.

Qatar Airways Cargo Doha (via Luxembourg and Atlanta) to Pittsburgh 12 October 

Qatar Airways Pittsburgh

This FTWA in Pittsburgh is just feet away from being an ‘ear-wash’ FTWA…

Judges’ comments: Nice to have a new cargo service FTWA, only our second in 2017 and indeed only the seventh in the five-year history of this competition. The golden era for cargo FTWAs was back in 2014 when a brace of Qatar Airways Cargo arches took third and fourth spots on that year’s leader board. In terms of cargo carriers receiving FTWAs it is the Doha-based freight airline which leads the way with three, followed by Ethiopian Airlines Cargo, Emirates SkyCargo, Turkish Airlines Cargo and Cargolux all with one each…

Jonny: 8.1; Kerry: 7.7; Marc: 7.5; Nick: 8.0.

SA Airlink Johannesburg to St. Helena 14 October

SA Airlink St. Helena

New airport…new service…new FTWA style…a ‘Napolean’…

Judges’ comments: St. Helena is a volcanic tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean, 4,000 kilometres east of Rio de Janeiro and 1,950 kilometres west of the Cunene River, which marks the border between Namibia and Angola in south-west Africa. It is part of the British Overseas Territory also encompassing Ascension and Tristan da Cunha islands, and is famous as the place of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile and death…so every FTWA on St. Helena aims to imitate the famous Napoleonic pose of having one hand tucked in your jacket…as denoted by the slightly lower left-hand water jet on display above…

Jonny: 7.9; Kerry: 7.8; Marc: 7.7; Nick: 7.5.

SAS Malaga to Helsinki 14 October 

SAS Helsinki

It’s back…the lone cone on the apron…

Judges’ comments: We say pancake…the Finns say pannukakku. Not only is this FTWA a bit flat…or pancaking as we like to refer to them at…but the ‘join’ in the FTWA appears to be somewhere over the starboard wing rather than directly over the centre of the aircraft’s fuselage. Other than those two faults…and the apron clutter…it’s a perfect FTWA!

Jonny: 8.0; Kerry: 7.8; Marc: 7.9; Nick: 8.1.


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