Vote for your favourite Fire Truck Water Arch ‒ W17/18 Part I

It’s one of the busiest week’s of the year when it comes to route launches, with Sunday 29 October officially being the beginning of the the W17/18 season. The beginning of the winter season sees a lot of the world’s airports getting the marketing cheque books out ‒ and that also means lots of new route cakes ‒ see our Cake of the Week vote here. But it also means a lot of Fire Truck Water Arches (FTWAs). So we are giving you, the reader, the chance for the eighth time (the first time we did this for FTWAs was back in S14) to select the best of the 20 FTWAs we have been sent this week from airports around the world.The victorious airport will have the accolade of winning a peer-endorsed, reader vote for the prestigious Arch of Triumph award rather than what we do in a ‘normal week’, when’s four elite water arch judges decide.

As with the Cake of the Week competition, the rules are very strict: you have to get as many votes as you can to win! How you get these votes is of little concern to us, as long as it is legal (or you don’t get caught). So if you want your new route FTWA to win, get everyone in your airport/airline to vote, get it shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and get re-tweeting! N.B. The results will be published in next week’s newsletter. N.B. The airport names which are underlined are the creators of the FTWAs in question. Keep voting!!

 FTWA 1 – Air Europa Gran Canaria to Tenerife North

 FTWA 2 – Air Europa Gran Canaria to Tenerife North

 FTWA 3 – Air France Montpellier to Algiers

FTWA 4 – Austrian Airlines Vienna to Mahé

Austrian Airlines Mahe

FTWA 5 – BinterCanarias Tenerife North to Lisbon

FTWA 6 – Brussels Airlines Brussels to Lanzarote

FTWA 7 – Cobalt Larnaca to London Gatwick

Cobalt London Gatwick

FTWA 8 – easyJet Milan Malpensa to Lublin

easyJet Lublin

FTWA 9 – Flybe London Southend to Dublin, Glasgow & Manchester

FTWA 10 – Hainan Airlines Shanghai Pudong to Brussels

FTWA 11 – Jet Airways Bengaluru to Amsterdam 

Jet Airways Amsterdam

FTWA 12 – Jet Airways Chennai to Paris CDG 

FTWA 13 – Lufthansa Frankfurt to Cluj-Napoca 

Lufthansa Cluj Napoca


FTWA 14 – Ryanair Cologne Bonn to Vitoria 

FTWA 15 – Ryanair Gdansk to Aarhus 

FTWA 16 – Ryanair Seville to Valladolid 

FTWA 17 – SAS Stockholm Arlanda to Miami 

SAS Stockholm Miami

FTWA 18 – SriLankan Airlines Colombo to Melbourne 

SriLankan Melbourne

FTWA 19 – SWISS Zurich to Wroclaw 

SWISS Wroclaw

FTWA 20 – Transavia Paris Orly to Dakhla

Transavia Dakhla


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