London Southend Airport wins W17/18 FTWA public vote Part I; pick your Arch of Triumph from the 15 entries in Part II

London Southend was the winner of the Arch or Triumph W17/18 public vote Part I with 51% of the vote. It also won last week’s Cake of the Week competition and was over 1,000 votes ahead of the second-placed airport, which was Aarhus in Denmark. There are another 15 FTWAs to choose from in Part II of this bi-annual competition.

Winner of Part I of the Arch of Triumph public vote W17/18, with 4,000 (51%) votes was London Southend Airport. With nearly 8,000 votes cast in total, the airport has ‘done the double’ (to use football parlance) as it also won Part I of the Cake of the Week competition. Both victories were for the start of Flybe’s new services to Dublin, Manchester and Glasgow. All 20 FTWAs from last week received at least one vote, with Aarhus in #2 spot (2,800 votes; 36%) and Cluj-Napoca coming in third place (650 votes; 8%).

This week there are another 15 water arches for you to judge from airports in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and North America. As well as FTWAs, we have 13 freshly baked route launch cakes for you to drool over – see our Cake of the Week vote here. 

Just like last week, the rules are very strict: you have to get as many votes as you can to win (maybe e-mail London Southend Airport’s marketing department for some tips)! How you get these votes is of little concern to us, as long as it is legal (or you don’t get caught). So if you want your new route water arch to win, get everyone in your airport/airline to vote, get it shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and get re-Tweeting! N.B. The airport names which are underlined are the creators of the FTWAs in question.The results will be published in next week’s newsletter. Get voting now!!

 FTWA 1 – Aeromexico Mexico City to Seattle-Tacoma

Aeromexico Seattle-Tacoma

 FTWA 2 – Cobalt Larnaca to Frankfurt

Cobalt Frankfurt

 FTWA 3 – Condor Düsseldorf to Punta Cana

 FTWA 4 – Condor Frankfurt to Nassau

 FTWA 5 – El Al Tel Aviv to Miami

El Al Tel Aviv Miami

 FTWA 6 – fastjet Mozambique Maputo to Beira 

Fastjet Mozambique

 FTWA 7 – Frontier Airlines Orlando to Oklahoma City

Frontier Airlines Oklahoma City

 FTWA 8 – Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Berlin Tegel

 FTWA 9 – Juneyao Airlines Shanghai Pudong to Cebu

 FTWA 10 – Lufthansa Frankfurt to Pamplona

 FTWA 11 – Okay Airways Xi’an to Cebu

 FTWA 12 – Qatar Airways Doha to Adana

 FTWA 13 – Qatar Airways Doha to Sarajevo

 FTWA 14 – Ryanair Krakow to Malmö

 FTWA 15 – Ryanair Seville to Warsaw Modlin


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