World Tour 2017 ends at IATA Slot Conference in Madrid

The eighth and final network planning event of 2017 comes to end today (the seven other events attended by’s data elves in 2017 to produce show dailies were: Routes Americas – Las Vegas; CONNECT – Ajaccio; Routes Asia – Okinawa; Routes Europe – Belfast; JumpStart – Providence; 140th Slot Conference – Kuala Lumpur; and World Routes – Barcelona), as delegates come home from Madrid having been busy networking at the 141st IATA Slot Conference. Over the year we have flown close to 40,000 kilometres to bring you all the news from the respective show floors at these important air service development events. So enjoy the last show dailies of 2017…and see some of you in Quito at Routes Americas in February when the 2018 tour commences! Check out our 30-Second Interview with Lara Maughan, Head Worldwide Airport Slots, IATA, which took place in Madrid.

Before the delegates arrived en masse in Madrid earlier this week, we gathered all the pre-show news in the Arrivals Issue of the Show Daily magazine. We caught up with Ignacio Biosca, Head of Airline Customer Relations & Airport Marketing Division, Aena, to understand what he wanted to get out of being one of the hosts of the 141st IATA Slot Conference in the Spanish airport company’s hometown.

If the first 52 pages of show news in the Arrivals Issue was not enough for you…here are another 52 in the Departures Issue! Inside is coverage of all the networking events including Budapest Airport’s partner event at the Lounge Bar of the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel, the legendary Slots Pub Crawl, sponsored by Berlin Brandenburg, Helsinki, Sydney and Vancouver airports and, as well as the Networking Reception at the Prado Museum.


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