Forget the Ashes, see which Australian airport has brought the region victory in Week 47 of the Arch of Triumph 2017

This week we have had three FTWAs from airports which have not previously entered the competition before. So this got our data elves thinking, how many airports have sent us just one FTWA in 2017? The total is 166 – which means that 45% of competing FTWAs are from one-entry-only airports. Of those 166, there were 18 which were not just one-entry-only airports, but also weekly winners – namely Zurich, Vientiane, Tampa, Tel Aviv, London Southend, Prague, Providence, Palembang, Ontario, Košice, Gazipasa-Alanya, Baku, Fuerteventura, Dubai, Clark, Belo Horizonte, Belgrade and the competition leader Sochi/Adler. Interestingly, the seven airports with codes beginning with ‘I’ have all been one-entry-only airports – Washington Dulles (IAD), Iasi (IAS), Wichita (ICT), Bullhead City (IFP), Iguassu Falls (IGU), Iquitos (IQT), and Long Island MacArthur (ISP). Keep Monitoring!!

Date Route FTWA Airport Score
13-Apr Ural Airlines Sochi/Adler to Tel Aviv Sochi/Adler (AER) 37.6
25-May Delta Air Lines New York JFK to Lisbon Lisbon (LIS) 37.5
16-Feb United Airlines San Francisco to Tampa Tampa (TPA) 37.4
27-Sep China Southern Airlines Guangzhou to Vientiane Vientiane (VTE) 37.3
25-Jun Wizz Air Košice to Cologne Bonn Košice (KSC) 37.2
28-Apr Monarch Airlines Birmingham to Porto Porto (OPO) 36.8
15-Sep Hainan Airlines Beijing to Belgrade Belgrade (BEG) 36.7
07-May Germania Fuerteventura to Toulouse Fuerteventrua (FUE) 36.7
06-Sep Icelandair Reykjavik/Keflavik to Tampa Reykjavik/Keflavik (KEF) 36.6
15-Jun Ellinair Thessaloniki to Cluj-Napoca Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 36.4
20-Oct Ernest Milan Bergamo to Lviv Lviv (LWO) 36.4

Tigerair Australia Hobart to Gold Coast 7 December

Gold Coast Airport

This FTWA is totally roar-some!!

Judges’ comments: The airline’s mascot…Toby the Tiger…was present at this new service celebration in Queensland. While the judge’s have seen him in some of the other route launch images…welcoming passengers off the aircraft etc….we are not sure whether he helped with the FTWA as well. If he didn’t, we think that for the next route launch he should also get involved in the water arch…that would be totally roar-some!!

Jonny: 7.6; Kerry: 8.1; Marc: 8.3; Nick: 8.0.

Air India Bhubaneswar to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi 10 December 

Air India Bangkok Suvarnabhumi

Jolly hockey sticks FTWA…

Judges’ comments: Those water jets do look like a pair of crossed hockey sticks…and that is no surprise really as it has been a busy time for the Indian city, as it recently hosted the final of the Hockey World Cup on 10 December, when Australia beat Argentina 2-1. India did manage to win the bronze medal, beating Germany 2-1. However, with a score of 30.9 this FTWA it has managed to go one place better…taking second spot in this global airport marketing battle…

Jonny: 8.0; Kerry: 7.5; Marc: 7.7; Nick: 7.7.

Azul Airlines Belem to Fort Lauderdale 10 December

Azul Airlines Belem

Belem breaks its FTWA duck finally…and so do two other airports as well…

Judges’ comments: Its always nice to receive the first FTWA from an airport…and this one from Belem in Brazil is one of three we have received this week – the others being from Bhubaneswar in India and Recife also in Brazil. Unfortunately for this particular airport, it is bottom of the newcomer pile in this week’s competition…but now with the taste for it…maybe 2018 could be Belem’s year…and it might become a weekly winner or perhaps even more!!

Jonny: 5.9; Kerry: 6.6; Marc: 6.2; Nick: 6.2.

Air China Beijing to Brisbane 11 December 

Air China Brisbane

Just like a boomerang…it’s coming back at ya mate…

Judges’ comments: It would appear that the winds in Brisbane played their part in greeting Air China’s new service from Beijing, with the southerly breeze meaning the water from the left-hand tender was only heading in one direction. The result is clearly seen above as the far tender is shielded by water mist. Just like a boomerang…”this one’s coming back at ya mate!”   

Jonny: 7.0; Kerry: 7.2; Marc: 5.8; Nick: 6.7.

Avianca Brazil Recife to Bogota 11 December 

Avianca Brazil Recife

First time out for Recife…and a testing night shot dealt with well…

Judges’ comments: For those of you that don’t know, Recife is in the north-eastern corner of Brazil and has the fourth largest urban area in the country with a population of around four million, although the city itself is only the eighth biggest. It also the capital and largest city of Pernambuco State. One thing the city can now cross off its to-do list is entering the Arch of Triumph competition, which with the above FTWA, it has now done…

Jonny: 7.5; Kerry: 6.9; Marc: 7.4; Nick: 7.3.

Copa Airlines Panama City to Denver 11 December 

Copa Airlines Denver

Interesting side-on view of this FTWA from Denver…and a BA lump photo-bomb…

Judges’ comments: It’s hard to get all the elements that the judges are seeking in an FTWA…airline and airport branding, both tenders on display, minimal apron clutter and of course a finely sculpted arch. In this effort from Denver we have prominent airline branding but none from the airport, just one tender visible, minimal apron clutter (despite the BA 747-400 in the background) and a distinctly average arch. Hopefully this explains why the FTWA only achieved the scores that it did…

Jonny: 7.5; Kerry: 6.5; Marc: 6.8; Nick: 6.0.


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