Quito Airport celebrates its first Arch of Triumph win

Quito Airport is going to have a quite a few weeks – hosting Routes Americas next month, but more importantly winning its first ever Arch of Triumph certificate. Receiving the award on behalf of the Ecuadorian airport were (front row then back row): Aníbal Paredes, Paramedic Firefighter; Alberto Mateus, Aviation Firefighter; Vicente Sánchez, Firefighter & Driver; Fernando Velasco, Aviation Firefighter; Ramiro López, Firefighter & Driver; Washington Ávila, Chief of Rescue and Fire Extinction Service; René Mena, Firefighter & Driver; William Maldonado, Aviation Firefighter; Orlando Puruncajas, Aviation Firefighter; Germán Mazón, Aviation Firefighter; Juan Toapanta, Aviation Firefighter; and Jorge González, Firefighter Captain.

Two weeks into the 2018 competition and still no European win – is this a sign of things to come? That said, it took until week seven in 2017 for the dominant FTWA region to claim its first weekly title, having seen airports from Asia (two wins), Australasia, Caribbean, Middle East and North America take the titles from the first six week’s of competition last year. The average winning score so far is higher than what had been achieved in the first two weeks of 2017, with last year’s tally being a lowly 20.8 versus the far more robust 33.3 achieved so far in 2018. Early days yes, but standards have clearly started high. Keep Monitoring!!

Philippines AirAsia Manila to Jakarta 9 January 

Not only a fine FTWA, but also a fly-past by another AirAsia aircraft…nice one…

Judges’ comments: Adding an extra element to an FTWA is something that the anna.aero judge’s positively encourage, however not at all costs. While having a fly-past of another AirAsia aircraft is a nice touch and a valid bonus feature adding points to the FTWA’s score…seemingly we have missed a fundamental part of any good arch as a result…where are the tenders? However, the FTWA has done enough to score this week’s win…

Jonny: 8.3; Kerry: 9.0; Marc: 8.9; Nick: 8.8.

JetSMART Lima to Valdivia 12 January 


Right first test…can you get your arms into the five minutes to four position…

Judges’ comments: Is that a little bag for the marshaller’s batons? Does he have his sandwiches in there (presumably a chacarero, the delicious Chilean sandwich made of beef, green beans, tomato slices and green chili)? Or is he going to rush off and do his shopping after the arrival of the JetSMART aircraft? Whatever it is for, it’s unnecessary apron clutter that is not required in a high-quality FTWA…

Jonny: 8.4; Kerry: 8.3; Marc: 8.2; Nick: 8.1.


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