Ryanair launches 45 more routes as W18/19 enters second week

Ryanair, Lviv

Lviv welcomed it first Ryanair services this week, with the Irish ULCC commencing services from Krakow, Memmingen, Warsaw Modlin, Weeze and London Stansted. Cutting the cake to celebrate the occasion were: Roman Kokotaylo, Acting Director, Road Facilities, Transport and Communication Department, Lviv Regional State Administration; Tetyana Romanovska, Director General of Lviv Airport and Natalia Bunda, Director of the Lviv City Council Department of Development.

Ryanair, Riga

Riga celebrated the launch of Ryanair services to Edinburgh on 1 November. Holding the Scottish-themed cake, baked to mark the occasion are Laura Audariņa, Route Development Manager, Riga Airport and Liene Freivalde, Director of Aviation Service and Business Development, Riga Airport, while the Latvian airport’s mascot ‘ERIX’ holds the board advertising the new destination. The service will operate weekly (Thursdays) and faces no direct competition.

Ryanair, Kaunas

Kaunas celebrated the start of two new Ryanair routes on 30 October, with services commencing to Milan Malpensa and Tel Aviv. The Italian link will operate three times weekly while the Israeli connection will be flown twice-weekly. Neither of the new airport pairs will face incumbent competition according to OAG schedules.

Ryanair, Bordeaux

Bordeaux and Ryanair celebrated the launch of the ULCC’s new route to the French airport from Valencia. The short 592-kilometre connection will be operated twice-weekly facing no direct competition. Ryanair will serve nine destinations from Bordeaux during W18/19, before making the airport a two-aircraft base in S19.

  • Ryanair launched another 45 services in the past week, taking its new route count to more than 100 over the last fortnight. It commenced services on 29 new airport pairs on 30 October, adding a further eight on 31 October, two on 1 November, five on 2 November, plus one on 3 November. Frequencies across the new routes range from one to three flights per week. The shortest sector is the 299-kilometre connection from Krakow (KRK) to Lviv (LWO). The longest is the 3,552-kilometre link between Marrakech (RAK) and Stockholm Skavsta (NYO). The average sector length across the 45 new airport pairs is 1,776 kilometres. Only five of the airline’s new connections will face direct competition from incumbent carriers. The Irish ULCC’s latest tranche of new routes include its first services to Lviv in Ukraine and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with five links opened to the Ukrainian airport between 30 October and 3 November, while three were added to Banja Luka.
Launched From To Aircraft (WF) Competition (WF)
30-Oct Athens (ATH) Palermo (PMO) B738 (2)  
Bologna (BLQ) Amman (AMM) B738 (2)  
Bucharest (OTP) Amman (AMM) B738 (2) Tarom (4)
Pescara (PSR) B738 (2)  
Cologne Bonn (CGN) Aqaba (AQJ) B738 (2)  
Edinburgh (EDI) Memmingen (FMM) B738 (2)  
Edinburgh (EDI) Seville (SVQ) B738 (2) easyJet (2)
Fez (FEZ) Brest (BES) B738 (2)  
Valencia (VLC) B738 (2)  
Kaunas (KUN) Milan Malpensa (MXP) B738 (3)  
Tel Aviv (TLV) B738 (2)  
Krakow (KRK) Lviv (LWO) B738 (3)  
London Luton (LTN) Alicante (ALC) B738 (3) easyJet (11)
Madrid (MAD) Ouarzazate (OZZ) B738 (2)  
Marrakech (RAK) Bratislava (BTS) B738 (2)  
Nuremberg (NUE) B738 (2)  
Marseille (MRS) Budapest (BUD) B738 (2)  
Memmingen (FMM) Banja Luka (BNX) B738 (2)  
Milan Bergamo (BGY) Amman (AMM) B738 (3)  
Pisa (PSA) Prague (PRG) B738 (3)  
Poznan (POZ) Kiev Boryspil (KBP) B738 (2)  
Prague (PRG) Amman (AMM) B738 (2)  
Rome Ciampino (CIA) Aqaba (AQJ) B738 (2)  
Seville (SVQ) Luxembourg (LUX) B738 (2)  
Venice Treviso (TSF) B738 (3)  
Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) Banja Luka (BNX) B738 (2)  
Tenerife South (TFS) Milan Malpensa (MXP) B738 (2) easyJet (3)
Weeze (NRN) Essaouira (ESU) B738 (2)  
Wroclaw (WRO) Kiev Boryspil (KBP) B738 (3)  
31-Oct Cologne Bonn (CGN) Palermo (PMO) B738 (2)  
Liverpool (LPL) Paphos (PFO) B738 (2)  
Marrakech (RAK) Memmingen (FMM) B738 (2)  
Memmingen (FMM) Lviv (LWO) B738 (2)  
Sofia (SOF) Aqaba (AQJ) B738 (2)  
Valencia (VLC) Bordeaux (BOD) B738 (2)  
Warsaw Modlin (WMI) Lviv (LWO) B738 (3)  
Weeze (NRN) Lviv (LWO) B738 (3)  
01-Nov Edinburgh (EDI) Riga (RIX) B738 (1)  
Marrakech (RAK) Oslo Torp (TRF) B738 (1)  
02-Nov Athens (ATH) Aqaba (AQJ) B738 (2)  
Brussels Charleroi (CRL) Banja Luka (BNX) B738 (2)  
London Luton (LTN) Athens (ATH) B738 (3) Wizz Air (7)
London Stansted (STN) Lviv (LWO) B738 (3)  
Marrakech (RAK) Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) B738 (1)  
03-Nov Fez (FEZ) Paris Vatry (XCR) B738 (1)  
Source: OAG Schedules Analyser w/c 6 November 2018. WF = Weekly frequencies.


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