Sun Country Airlines adds two international links from Minneapolis

Sun Country Airlines St. Kitts

Among those on hand to greet Sun Country Airlines’ inaugural flight to St. Kitts from Minneapolis-St. Paul were: Nick Menon, Chairman, St. Kitts Tourism Authority; Timothy Harris, Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis; Lindsay Grant, Minister of Tourism; Carlene Henry Morton, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism; Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs for St Kitts and Nevis; Ian Patches Liburd, Minister of Transport; and Greg Phillip, CEO, Nevis Tourism Authority. Launched 22 December, the airline will operate the 4,173-kilometre sector weekly (Saturdays).

Sun Country Airlines Belize City

Sun Country Airlines commenced a new weekly (Saturdays) seasonal service between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Belize City on 22 December. Among those on hand to greet the inaugural flight was Karen Pike, Director of Marketing & Industry Relations, Belize Tourism Board (right). The carrier will operate the 3,071-kilometre sector using its fleet of 737-800s.

  • Sun Country Airlines launched two new international routes from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) on 22 December, with both poised to operate on a seasonal basis. The carrier now links the Minnesota airport to Belize City (BZE) and St. Kitts (SKB). Both the 3,071- and 4,173-kilometre routes will be operated by the airline weekly (Saturdays) using its fleet of 737-800s, with OAG Schedules indicating that neither route is expected to face direct competition during the time in which they will operate.

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