Vote for your favourite Arch of Triumph – S19 Part I – take your pick from 36 entries across the globe!

Arch of Triumph

The beginning of the (northern) winter season sees a lot of the world’s airports organising new route celebrations, including the highly anticipated Fire Truck Water Arch (FTWA) saluting the new service. So we are giving you, the reader, the chance to select the best of 36 FTWAs we have been sent this week from airports around the world. The victorious airport will have the accolade of winning the reader vote for the prestigious Arch of Triumph award.

As with the Cake of the Week competition, the rules are very strict: you have to get as many votes as you can to win! So if you want your new route FTWA to win, get everyone in your airport/airline to vote, get it shared on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and get re-tweeting! The results will be published in next week’s newsletter. N.B. The airport names which are underlined are the creators of the FTWAs in question. Keep voting!!

FTWA 1 – Air France Paris CDG to Belgrade

Air France Belgrade

FTWA 2 – Air France Paris CDG to Dallas/Fort Worth

Air France Dallas/Fort Worth

FTWA 3 – Air France Paris CDG to Tbilisi

Air France Tbilisi

FTWA 4 – airBaltic Riga to Lviv

airBaltic Lviv

FTWA 5 – airBaltic Riga to Stuttgart

airBaltic Stuttgart

FTWA 6 – American Airlines Charlotte Douglas to Munich

American Airlines Munich

FTWA 7 – CebGo Manila to Marinduque

CebGo Manila

FTWA 8 – Delta Air Lines Seattle-Tacoma to Osaka Kansai

Delta Air Lines Osaka Kansai

FTWA 9 – easyJet Nantes to Granada

easyJet Nantes

FTWA 10 – Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa to Istanbul Atatürk to Munich

Ethiopian Airlines Istanbul Ataturk

FTWA 11 – Flybe Cornwall Airport Newquay to London Heathrow

Flybe Cornwall Newquay Heathrow

FTWA 12 – Frontier Airlines Denver to Hartford

Frontier Airlines Bradley International

FTWA 13 – Iberia Madrid to Paris Vatry

Iberia Paris Vatry

FTWA 14 – Jetstar Japan Tokyo Narita to Shimojishima

Jetstar Japan Shimojishima

FTWA 15 – Lauda Düsseldorf to Stockholm Skavsta

Lauda Skavsta

FTWA 16 – LEVEL Barcelona to Santiago

LEVEL Santiago

FTWA 17 – LEVEL Vienna to Porto


FTWA 18 – Lufthansa Munich to Osaka Kansai

Lufthansa Osaka Kansai

FTWA 19 – KLM Amsterdam to Boston

KLM Boston

FTWA 20 – Norwegian London Gatwick to Miami

Norwegian Miami

FTWA 21 – Norwegian London Gatwick to Rio de Janiero Galaeo

Norwegian Rio

FTWA 22 – Royal Air Maroc Casablanca to Amman

Royal Air Maroc Amman

FTWA 23 – Royal Air Maroc Casablanca to Bouarfa

Royal Air Maroc

FTWA 24 – Royal Air Maroc Casablanca to Vienna

Royal Air Maroc Vienna

FTWA 25 – Ryanair Dublin to Tarbes Lourdes

Ryanair Lourdes

FTWA 26 – Ryanair Malta to Perugia

Ryanair Malta

FTWA 27 – Ryanair Pisa to Brussels

Ryanair Brussels

FTWA 28 – SAS Aarhus to Manchester

SAS Manchester

FTWA 29 – SWISS Zurich to Gdansk

SWISS Gdansk

FTWA 30 – TAP Air Portugal Lisbon to Basel

TAP Air Portugal Lisbon

FTWA 31 – TAP Air Portugal Lisbon to Tel Aviv

TAP Air Portugal Tel Aviv

FTWA 32 – United Airlines Denver to Everett Paine Field

United Airlines Everett

FTWA 33 – United Airlines Los Angeles to Pasco

United Airlines Pasco

FTWA 34 – United Airlines San Francisco to Amsterdam

United Airlines Amsterdam

FTWA 35 – United Airlines Washington Dulles to Hilton Head

Washington Dulles Hilton Head

FTWA 36 – Vistara Delhi to Raipur

Vistara Raipur


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