It’s a European stalemate in latest Arch of Triumph competition

It’s not a battle of global regions in this week’s Arch of Triumph competition, but more an inter-regional stalemate. It’s East vs West in Europe, as London Southend and Ufa airports battle it out to take this week’s win. Both route inaugurals are of similar characteristics too. Both are regional, both airlines have red tails, and both are not the biggest airlines in their home markets. Nevertheless, one is for a twice-weekly service, the other multi-daily. One is domestic, and the other international. So there are differences too. However, given its finest quality of water dancing, the firefighters of Ufa have washed away the skills of those serving London Southend this week, heading straight to fourth in the overall leaderboard. Keep Monitoring!!

Date Airline and route FTWA Airport Score
20-Mar IndiGo Delhi to Istanbul  Istanbul Atatürk (ISL) 37.6
10-Mar Bamboo Airways Hanoi to Can Tho Can Tho (VCA) 36.8
08-Feb Philippines AirAsia Cebu to Macau Cebu (CEB) 36.0
12-May Buta Airways Baku to Ufa Ufa (UFA) 35.9
27-Jan Hainan Airlines Chongqing to Yangon Yangon (RGN) 34.4
2-May Ryanair Budapest to Seville Budapest (BUD) 33.3
30-Jan Thai Lion Air Bangkok Don Mueang to Colombo Colombo (CMB) 32.7

Buta Airways Baku to Ufa 12 May 

Buta Airways Ufa

Head on view and heading to the top of the leaderboard!

Judges’ Comments: It’s a superb effort from the united firefighters of Ufa. Both tenders are equal distances from the aircraft. The E190 is in a head-on position, the angle that is favoured most by’s esteemed judges. The weather is perfect, and both arches are of matching angles. All that lets this entry down is the blur of the image and the over-enthused power of the right-hand tender. Ufa has to settle for fourth in the overall leaderboard, but the potential was there to be so much greater! 

 Jonny: 8.8; Kerry: 9.0; Paul: 9.2; Mohammad: 8.9. 

Loganair Aberdeen to London Southend 12 May 

Loganair Southend

The guys at London Southend make it just past the half way point…just.

Judges’ Comments: The brigade at London Southend have just about made it past the half way point for scoring in this week’s competition. Why you may ask? Well, there is certainly a second tender, as seen by the small arch visible in the top right-hand side of the image. However, it is a good job that the left-hand tender is in shot and showcasing some excellent water arch propulsion for the size of aircraft it is welcoming. Nevertheless, Southend will have to accept second in this week’s competition… 

 Jonny: 4.8; Kerry: 5.2; Paul: 5.1; Mohammad: 5.0.


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