Barcelona takes the glory with a mesmerising entry from Aeromexico

Date Route FTWA Scores
24 June Aeromexico Mexico City to Barcelona Barcelona (BCN) 32.8
21 June Finnair Helsinki to Porto Porto (OPO) 32.3
18 June TAP Air Portugal Lisbon to Naples Naples (NAP) 31.7
21 June SAS Copenhagen to Cornwall Newquay Newquay (NQY) 30.6
22 June Xiamen Airlines Xiamen to Yangon Yangon (RGN) 28.3
27 June Great Dane Airlines Aalborg to Edinburgh Edinburgh (EDI) 27.4

Aeromexico Mexico City to Barcelona 24 June

Judges’ comments:  A worthy winner from Aeromexico’s new route between Mexico City and Barcelona. A stunning arch, fantastic photograph and the carrier’s beautiful Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) liveried 787-9 Dreamliner.

James 8.4, Paul 8.0, Kerry 8.0, Mohammad 8.2

Finnair Helsinki to Porto 21 June

An excellent entry from the team at Porto for Finnair’s new route from Helsinki.

Judges’ comments: An excellent entry, with the fire crews at Porto displaying an arch with poise, accuracy and power even in spite of some tricky winds apparent in shot. Stellar work.

James 8.2, Kerry 8.2, Paul 8.0, Mohammad 7.9.

TAP Air Portugal Lisbon to Naples 18 June

A highly commendable contender from Naples with TAP Air Portugal’s service from Lisbon.

Judges’ comments: A strong contender from Naples this week, with a front three quarter profile of this beautiful arch and some of the airfield ops team getting in on the action.

James 8.0, Kerry 8.0, Paul 7.9, Mohammad 7.8.

SAS Copenhagen to Cornwall Newquay 21 June

Surfing UK: SAS’s new direct service from Copenhagen arrives in Newquay to make the most of the upcoming heatwave.

Judges’ comments: An important launch for the UK’s surfing capital, this slightly flatter arch perfectly encapsulating the low stance of the SAS CRJ900 scores highly.

James 7.6, Kerry 7.5, Paul 7.7, Mohammad 7.8.

Xiamen Airlines Xiamen to Yangon 22 June

Xiamen continues its rapid domestic growth with this new service to Yangon.

James 7.0, Kerry 7.0, Paul 7.1, Mohammad 7.2.

Judges comments: A delicate arch of triumph entry from the team at Yangon, this entry is more reminiscent of a fountain rather than a conventional arch – sadly the bright sunlight beneath the clouds does make it a slight challenge to fully appreciate.

Great Dane Airlines Aalborg to Edinburgh 27 June

Dane on a Plane: one of the eagerly anticipated launches of the week with Scandinavia’s newest carrier.

Judges’ comments: A brand new route from a brand new airline for this entry! Great Dane Airlines is a Danish start-up aiming to compete on regional sectors with the likes of SAS and Norwegian – and of course it’s only natural that arch of triumph should be the platform for them to lay down a marker. Unfortunately, only half the arch being visible does limit the final score we’re able to award.

James 7.0, Kerry 6.8, Paul 6.7, Mohammad 6.9.


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