CLASH OF THE TITANS: Arch of Triumph returns this week with a head-to-head special!

It’s been a few weeks since our last edition of Arch of Triumph, with heatwaves and hosepipe bans placing a hiatus on water arch extravaganzas. But, the rain has returned (at least here in Costa del Gatwick), the sun tans have faded and the hangovers have cured (mostly), so welcome back! This week’s edition sees Baku and its new Kuwait Airways service pitted against Nice with its latest entry from Air China.

Kuwait Airways Kuwait City to Baku 01 August

WINNER: Kuwait Airways KWI – GYD 01 August.

Judges’ comments: An unconventional one-sided entry from the team at Baku this week with two streams going from the aircraft’s starboard side, this is still a well-formed arch with a strong front three-quarter shot from the photographer securing the win.

James 7.9, Paul 7.7, Kerry 7.7, Mohammad 7.9 = 31.3

Air China Beijing to Nice 02 August

Air China PEK – NCE 02 August.

Judges’ comments: A perfectly precise arch from Nice, seeming like one sophisticated fountain of water with minimal spray and excellent symmetry. Solid work.

James 7.5, Paul 7.5, Kerry 7.8, Mohammad 7.6 = 30.4


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